Tables are an integral part of a kitchen. It is the place where you can create and share a meal with friends and family. But more than merely functional, tables come in many different shapes and styles, from round to rectangular. A good table will last for years, providing comfortable seating for all your guests and a clean surface to enjoy your delicious meals on.

Choosing the right kitchen table is an important decision. It will often be the one piece of furniture you and your family spend the most time around, so it should be comfortable, durable, and stylish enough to fit into your home’s decor. That is why this buyer’s guide for modern kitchen tables is here to help.


The material is the first thing to consider when shopping for a kitchen table. While there are many choices, glass, marble, and metal have their unique pros and cons.


Glass is a great material for a modern kitchen table because it is sturdy, easy to clean, and can be found in various colors and thicknesses. It does not scratch easily but should be handled with care because it can break.


Marble is made of stone and therefore durable, but it has the added benefit of looking elegant and classy and being stain resistant and easy to clean. However, marble can chip or crack if dropped or bumped against something hard, so care needs to be taken when handling this material.


Solid wood tables look great but are not as durable as glass or marble, so this material should be used with caution. While it is the most expensive option, solid wood is also a very stable material and very easy to keep clean.


Metal is a good option for modern kitchen tables because it is lightweight and not prone to chipping or breaking. However, it also tends to scratch easily, and it will also rust if left wet.


The next important thing to consider when buying a kitchen table is the size and shape of the table itself, both in terms of its overall size as well as the size of the individual seating pieces that make up the tabletop.


We can’t all be the owners of an oval or round dining table, but if you find a nice round table that looks good in your kitchen, you may want to consider investing in it. Round tables are more comfortable to sit at than rectangular ones.

This is the most common table shape in modern kitchens because it allows for maximum visibility – particularly with regard to seating arrangements – and provides maximum surface area for food preparation and serving.


A square table provides a roomier area for the same number of people as a round table, so it is a good option if you feel cramped at round tables. It also allows for more leg room. Square tables are great for young families who have to accommodate children’s booster seats.

Consider a square table instead of a round table that doesn’t fit in with your kitchen’s look. This is the most common shape for traditional dining tables, so it should be the one you choose if you want to keep your kitchen’s appearance classic.


Rectangular tables are the most popular table shape in modern kitchens because it provides a roomy area for sitting and dining or entertaining, even with an asymmetrical seating arrangement. They also suit modern homes, providing plenty leg room for all guests.

A rectangular table can work well in any layout, as long as the seating arrangements suit your needs and the overall size is appropriate for your kitchen décor. You can make it work as long as you have enough room for everyone to feel comfortable.


With an oval table, you may have to adjust the kitchen’s layout depending on where the seating arrangements will be. This is because it will take up more surface area than other dining options. However, it also provides extra room for food preparation and serving and more flexibility in seating arrangements since more people can fit around one circular shape than any other type of table.


The next thing to look out for when buying a table is the type of support it has. This will depend on whether the table uses legs to support itself or if it is an entirely flat surface.


This type of support is typically paired with glass tables, as they are a good option for casual surfaces such as coffee tables, and they provide adequate support without taking up too much space in the living room or family room. However, if your table will see heavy use, this support may not be strong enough to hold it up properly over time.


This support is typically paired with metal or wood tables, as they provide a table’s most sturdy and stable support. Metal tables can also be found in other types of materials, such as glass, marble, and solid wood.


If you have a small table, you may want to consider square legs to give it some extra structural support. This will help ensure that it will last a long time and not become unstable over time, which is important if you plan on entertaining large groups of guests or family members regularly.


Buying a table for your kitchen can be stressful, but with the tips and tricks that we have provided you, you should be able to purchase a great table without too much work. If you choose the right size, shape, and material for your kitchen, your new table will be a piece of furniture that will last for years.


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