Is it easy to make a kitchen faucet spout swivel? If the spout of your kitchen faucet won’t swivel, you can still easily make it swivel. Whenever you buy faucets whether it’s touch sensing or manual, always make sure that it has spouts that can swivel easily.

The faucets spout with swivel helps you a lot with the water flowing and makes your life easy and comfortable, especially in the kitchen. If you don’t know how to make a faucet spout swivel easily, then follow this guideline.



Rag (cloth for cleansing)

Silicon grease

Hex wrench

Adjustable wrench

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply

Both ball and cartridge are the same styles of a faucet. They both have a regular type of disc inside them. First, you will have to turn off the water supply. Either from the valves below the sink or from the main water supply, which connects the whole house.

So, you can repair it easily and water doesn’t be wasted. And cover the drain, so that small parts don’t go inside it. After that remove the handle from the sink.

Step 2: Remove the Handle from Sink

Now remove the handle from the sink. You’ll see two head screws that hold the faucet. You can easily do this with a wrench. Simply, loose the screws of your faucet and then pull out the faucet.

Step 3: Remove the Spouts and Clean it

Now remove the spouts from the faucet. Take it out completely by pulling it off. And then clean the spouts very carefully. Don’t break it. You can clean the spouts with a sponge or with spray also. Then keep it somewhere to become dry. Then apply silicon grease to O-rings.

Step 4: Apply Silicone Grease to O-rings

In this step, you will have to clean the O-rings which are inside the faucet. These O-rings are the main reason faucets don’t swivel. You can clean the O-rings with the help of a rag.


After cleaning it, apply some silicone grease around the O-rings. Apply some silicone grease inside the body of the sleeve of the faucet, where O-rings are attached. Never use regular grease because it will damage the O-rings and eventually cause them to leak.



Step 1: Loose the Screw

You need to look beside the faucet handle for a little oval shape screw. This screw prevents the faucet handle from coming out, whenever you turn the water on and off. Now, use an adjustable wrench.

Step 2: Use an Adjustable Wrench

To remove the handle, use an adjustable wrench to loosen the screw. This should allow the handle to lift off easily. Now, remove the metal nut.

Step 3: Remove the Metal Nut

Now, you must remove a round metal nut that helps to hold the faucet cartridge in place, but it’s made in the same soft metal as the faucet handle and spout.

If you try to pull it off by hand and it seems stuck, you can use locks to get some leverage. But wrap a rag around the metal first, or else the teeth of the locks will gouge it.

Keep those locks handy, though, because you’ll need them to remove the final nut. Twist it to the left until it pulls out completely.


The O-rings which are inside the faucet make it hard to swivel. The mount’s underside is where it is located. As the months and years are going by, its O-rings will become tightened and is stiff to turn.

The reason is that the lubricant inside the faucet becomes dry or sluggish. And O-rings inside the faucet become so dry that it tightens the spout. This will make the faucet spout un-swivel.

This problem is very common in every house, and it can be repaired without spending single money. If you wait too long to fix this problem, then the spout of your faucet can be a problem or may become more tightened.

If you still confuse how to fix, follow Lisa Burk. She is an expert on faucet and sink plumbing.


Most people apply WD-40 for making the faucet spout swivel. They think it is an easy solution. But this is not a solution to the problem. If you want the right procedure to make a faucet spout swivel easily, you can follow all the above steps.

You can easily make your faucet spouts swivel by putting off all parts, applying grease to it, and then assembling it again.

Hopefully, now you can easily make the faucet spout swivel without any issue.

Guest Contributor: Karl Larabee


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