Most people cannot imagine their home without having plumbing services like running water and a working toilet. Still, this is something many people take for granted. It could arguably be one of a home’s essential services for its residents.

Thus, it is no surprise that anyone doing home renovation projects would search for a plumber to assist them with upgrading or installing their plumbing hardware. The only problem they may face is finding the right one. Below are some of the best tips for hiring the right plumber for your next project:

1.     Choose An Accredited And Licensed Plumber

Although some people prefer to tackle minor renovations, many would hire a contractor to assist them with larger projects. Renovation and design experts will always recommend that homeowners use professional plumbing services to prevent any issues with the renovation project. 

For any plumbing-related project during the renovations, homeowners should opt for a plumber with the correct accreditation and licensing to perform the project’s tasks. Without these in place, it may cost the homeowner more money when the fixtures or pipes start leaking or causing problems.

2.     Ask For References And Experience

Plumbers should be able to produce a portfolio of references and demonstrate their experience working on various projects. When they refuse to give homeowners any of this reassurance, it may be best to find one willing to give it without hesitation.

Homeowners should be able to trust the plumber with the vital task of making their plumbing work better. Having the references and experience to show will ensure they are reliable enough to do quality work, especially when they recreate a bathroom look that could be more complicated than others.

3.     Evaluate Their Costs Before Hiring

Some plumbers may be more expensive than others, but for a good reason. The more experienced they are, and the more services they offer, the more their costs could be. Although not every homeowner will be able to afford a top-notch plumber, others provide the same quality service for less.

It may be a good idea for anyone doing renovations to request quotations from all the plumbers in the area and compare their costs to each other. Settle on the best plumber that will fit into the renovation budget, and make sure that they can provide a breakdown of all the costs before hiring them, so there are no hidden surprises later. 

4.     Check For Warranties And Insurance

All professional plumbers should have warranties to offer the homeowner and insurance for their work in case any problem arises. When searching for the best plumber, ask them for these and check that they are acceptable and valid before deciding to avail of their services.

The warranties and insurance will protect both parties against damages that may occur during or after the renovation. If they are in place, repairing the defective parts shouldn’t have any extra costs later. Older houses may have more things that could go wrong during renovations, and having the peace of mind that everyone has cover will make the project less worrisome.

5.     Do Some Research On The Plumber

Luckily, with many company profiles now online, customers can find reviews and comments about their services at the click of a button. Before starting the renovations, search for all the available plumbers in the area or the ones the homeowner is interested in and read more about them.

In doing so, the homeowner should understand the variety of services each plumber offers and how satisfied their other customers are after completing projects. Homeowners should feel comfortable leaving the plumbing part of the renovation to the plumber, making it essential to find the right one for their needs.

6.     Inquire About Their Availability

Unfortunately, no one can plan when to have a plumbing emergency, but having a reliable plumber on standby for these occasions could make the problem more bearable. Not all plumbers will offer after-hours service, so before adding their number to the emergency list, ensure that they provide this service.

There is possibly nothing worse than sitting without working plumbing and no one to assist. So, having a list of emergency numbers that include those of available plumbers would be very handy. Keep this list in the kitchen or anywhere everyone can access it.

The Final Word

Instead of adding even more stress to an already taxing renovation project, find a plumber that will relieve some of the worries. A licensed professional should provide the best services they have to offer their clients for the amount they charge for doing the work.

The homeowner must find the plumbing services that will benefit them the most, including help during the renovations and after. After all, renovations are supposed to make the living space a better place for the residents, and with the best plumber on the block, the home will undoubtedly be that and more.


Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from Jeff and Stephanie Cote, letting us know that someone stole the catalytic converter off of PAWS’ van (How anybody can hurt and take from a non for profit, is beyond me).
I swear, Jeff and Stephanie are angels, they said, “let’s come together to help them out”.
Jeff and Stephanie donated $1,000, and we put in $1,000 dollars.

It is unfortunate what happened, but we’re blessed to be able to help out a non for profit like PAWS in Tinley Park.

We’re so proud to live and help out our community whenever we can.

In addition, as of this morning, the community has raised $6,375!!!!!


Major home repairs often come unexpectedly and at a high cost. From broken windows to a leaky roof or pipes, home repairs can set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. Avoid financial devastation by understanding your options for funding emergency home repairs, courtesy of the experts at Junior Rooter Plumbing and Sewer


Cost of Common Emergency Home Repairs 

The price tag on home repairs varies by location, whether you complete the work yourself or outsource the job and the scope and complexity of the repair. According to experts, annual home maintenance and repair costs total roughly 1-4% of a home’s value.

Seven Ways To Pay For Home Repairs

Emergency home repairs, by definition, are time-sensitive. Delaying due to money concerns can escalate issues and drive up repair costs. Here are seven ways to pay for sudden and expensive repairs:


1. Homeowners Insurance

Standard homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for home repairs if the damage stems from a covered loss such as fire, theft or specified weather events. This option only makes sense when repair costs exceed your deductible.


2. Government Assistance
Depending on your situation, you may qualify to receive aid from government programs for emergency repairs. Visit your state or local government’s housing department website to check program offerings and eligibility requirements.


3. Home Warranty
A home warranty plan covers the service, repair and replacement of major home appliances and systems as listed in the annual service contract. Home warranties can be helpful when you have older appliances and systems that you anticipate will need repair in the near future.


4. Home Equity Line of Credit
A HELOC is a revolving credit line that allows you to borrow against the value of your home. You withdraw money as needed and repay according to the terms of your credit agreement.


5. Refinancing
If interest rates are low enough and you plan on staying in your home for a while, try refinancing to free up some cash. Refinance to lower your monthly mortgage payment and divert the money saved to an emergency repair fund. Or opt for a cash-out refinancewhich pays you a lump sum of the difference between your existing mortgage and a new, higher one.


6. Credit Card

Using plastic can be a smart move with the right card. Look for one that offers an introductory 0% annual percentage rate on purchases for a set period. This allows you to cover repairs without paying interest.


7. Emergency Fund

The best idea is to establish an emergency fund exclusively for home maintenance expenses. Adjust your budget to include regular contributions. Factor in hidden costs such as storage fees to keep furniture and other valuables during repairs.


Tips To Secure Reliable Contractors

Have you ever heard someone say, “I got a guy for that” when referring to home maintenance tasks? Finding a good contractor is just as crucial as finding ways to pay for repairs. Here’s how to make sure you “got a guy” for key areas of your home:

•       Plumbing: Check that any plumber you hire is licensed and insured.

•       Roofing: Look for a reputable pro who has extensive experience.

•       Electrical: Inquire about service warranties.

•       Concrete: Ask about their portfolio

Regardless of whether you need plumbing, roofing, electrical or concrete repair, ask for recommendations for local services from your community. You can also peruse online directories to read reviews before contacting a company. Scope out deals and promotions that can help you save on any necessary repairs or replacements.


Ease the stress of emergency home repairs. Set money aside each month for repairs. If you’re strapped for cash when repairs arise, choose a financing option that allows you to spread payments out over time. And, most importantly, hire quality repair services that enable you to fix your home without damaging your finances.

Guest Contributor: Emily Graham


Community living is an increasingly popular option for older adults and young people. There are several benefits, including cost savings, social interactions, providing individuals with a sense of belonging, etc., which are a great contribution to the popularity of community living. So here are some reasons why community living is becoming more popular.


The biggest reason more older adults and young people are choosing the community living option is that it is less expensive than a retirement home or an assisted living facility. This is due to the fact that retirement homes or assisted living facilities often charge higher fees, which individuals are not ready to spend. However, in the case of community living, individuals can find a roommate with whom they can share all household costs, such as rent, food, transportation, and other expenses.


If you decide to live in a community, you will have more freedom and control in your life. For example, if you’re an older adult who wants to stay active and independent, but you want some help with things like paying utility bills, taking care, scheduling errands, and shopping for food, community living is the perfect option. You will be able to live your life on your terms. If at any time you want more or less help from the staff in the community, they will help accommodate that. For example, if you want help with more financial matters, let the staff know, and they will take care of it for you.


You can experience more social connections in a community than living alone. In addition to regular planned social events and outings, you can spend time with other residents during mealtimes, get to know each other by sharing stories and experiences, and even play games or participate in activities together. Additionally, you will be able to do things with people in the community and have access to many resources like transportation services, housekeeping services, and other amenities, depending on the community.


There is a sense of community and support in living in a community. You can do things with your neighbors and be involved in the overall activities, such as sitting together during meals or participating in group activities. You will get to know other residents by seeing them daily and meeting new people through the staff. You will have a support network ready to lend a hand when needed. If you choose, you can also look forward to being involved in the decision-making process regarding your life and living environment.


Community living is a great option for those looking for a lower-cost alternative. Its affordability can help many older adults who are on a fixed income. This means that you can be comfortable and happy with your lifestyle in a community without having to worry about how you will pay your rent or mortgage. There is also the option of renting from a leasing community, where you can choose which home you want and then rent it monthly. Another option is buying an existing home in a community.


The sense of belonging you feel living in a community is priceless. Everyone has their best interest at heart when you live in a community. Your friends and neighbors will greet you in the morning or send you off with hugs and smiles when you leave for an appointment. You don’t have to worry about the person cooking your meals because you know they will be very safe during their time in the kitchen. You can always rely on the staff in a community to take care of your needs.


Community living is a great option for many people looking to live fulfilling lives. You get to live in an accepting environment surrounded by like-minded individuals, and you have the security of knowing everyone is there for your best interests. You can go about your daily life more flexibly, making all the difference.

Guest Contributor: Regina Thomas


Friday, August 19th is “Cop on the Roof” the Tinley Park Police Department will be raising funds for Special Olympics. I’ll personally be there between 8AM and 10AM.

We will be at my favorite Dunkin, on 171st and 80th in Tinley Park 7935 W. 171st Street

***I just purchased 100 gift cards to hand out to anybody I see donating towards Special Olympics on Friday****

“The Tinley Park Police Department will be
participating in the Law Enforcement Torch Run
“Cop on a Rooftop” fundraising event for
Special Olympics on Friday, Aug. 19 at various
Dunkin’ locations across Tinley Park.
This fun, community-driven event is a
partnership between law enforcement and
Dunkin’ stores to raise funds to support the
more than 26,000 participating athletes of
Special Olympics.
Come out to any of the below
Dunkin’ locations and help the cause!
•7086 W. 183rd Street
•7935 W. 171st Street
•9500 W. 179th Street
Visit the Special Olympics Illinois website to
learn more about the 2022 Cop on a Rooftop
even. “


You guys gave us 1,000 likes, so we donated $1,000 dollars to the Special Olympics.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the Special Olympics.

Between 8AM and 10AM, we gave out 150 gift cards to everyone we saw donating.

You guys are the BEST

It was great seeing old faces and

meeting new friends.

Special THANK YOU to the Tinley Park Police

Department and Dunkin on 171st & 80th.


Not having a lot of money to work with, you search for ways to save money when furnishing the home. You might splurge for the rooms that you care the most about and save on the rooms that don’t matter as much. Looking for places to buy, you have no shortage of potential sources since you can find furniture everywhere. Let’s look at some tips to save money on furniture.



The cost of furniture drops when you buy straight from the manufacturer. While stores sell the furniture at retail prices, the manufacturer sells at wholesale prices. You eliminate the middleman who tacks on the extra cost to earn a profit. In addition, you often receive better customer service when you buy directly because the manufacturer understands the furniture better.



Anyone looking to save money on furniture should visit the local thrift store. Secondhand furniture offers a less expensive way to shop for furniture, and you can often find sturdy and affordable furniture here. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to buy furniture made from particle board. Most particle board furniture will last for a single user. You don’t want to buy it from a thrift store because it is most often destined for the landfill after the first use. Particle board will often cost less than solid wood furniture, but it comes with a large set of problems when used.



In some cases, you may want to buy more premium quality furniture because it serves a specific purpose. For example, you want quality furniture when it comes to holding up your TV. You don’t want the furniture to fall apart while you have the TV on the entertainment system because it will break two items. In some cases, you may want to pay a little more to save yourself from the inconvenience. Especially if you have a heavier TV, you will need an entertainment system that can hold it.

To get the most this way, consider the utility and how frequently you will use it. If the furniture fails, what are the inconveniences that you will face? In some cases, you need to spend money to save money.



You save more money if you buy your furniture slowly over time. This is because you can truly watch for the deals. Making a knee-jerk purchase without understanding the general costs of the market will cause you to pay more for furniture. This idea of delayed gratification may not be everyone’s idea of a good choice, but you will save more if you build your furniture collection up slowly. Spread out the more expensive purchases. You don’t need to buy the big-ticket items all at once. Prioritize the most important.

For instance, if you are looking at furniture in Edmonton, You can look at the financing options that some companies offer such as 0% interest if you pay it off in a fixed 6-month period.



Even if you can afford to buy the trendy piece of furniture of today, it may not always make the most sense. Trends change quickly as a new piece generates interest, and it is advisable to like the piece that you buy rather than buy for a trend that changes in a couple of years. Instead, you might look for timeless classics that hold interest over the long term.



Every furniture store will host an annual sale, and when you know the time of the year for it, you can buy the items that you want at a discounted price. Seasonal discounts give you another opportunity to save money. Some of the best times to get a discount include:

●      Fourth of July

●      Memorial Day Weekend

●      Black Friday

●      Labor Day

Now, 10 percent may not seem like much on a small item, but when it comes to big-ticket items, that can save you a ton of cash.



Beware of impulse purchases for furniture that you don’t necessarily need. For example, if you shop online, put the item in your cart and wait 48 hours. If you still want to buy it after 48 hours, hit the buy button. Furnishing a new home doesn’t have to cost an outrageous amount of money, and you can do certain things to save cash.

 Guest Contributor: Tracie Johnson


A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. It can help to elevate the look of your house and make it more inviting. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of having a fireplace in your home. We will also talk about the different types of fireplaces that are available on the market today. If you are thinking about adding a fireplace to your home, be sure to read this blog post!


To many people, a home is not truly a home without a fireplace. Not only does it give the illusion of comfort and security, but it also makes a house feel like a real home. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, adding an elegant looking fireplace is a great way to do so. Not only will it make your home more desirable to potential buyers, but it will also give you a great return on investment.


If you have a particularly large room or an oddly shaped space, adding a fireplace can help to create a natural focal point. This is especially beneficial if you plan on spending a lot of time in the room, such as in a family room where you gather to watch TV or play games. In these cases, the fireplace can become the gathering spot and make the room feel cozier.

Also, a fireplace can serve as a conversation starter. When you have guests over, they will naturally be drawn to the fireplace and it can provide a great opportunity for you to chat and get to know them better.


When it comes to adding a fireplace to your home, you have many different options. You can go with a traditional wood-burning fireplace, a gas fireplace, or an electric fireplace. Each type has its own set of benefits that can help to improve your home.

Wood-burning fireplaces are the most common type of fireplace. They provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any home. Gas fireplaces are more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces and provide a cleaner burn. Electric fireplaces are the most convenient type of fireplace as they do not require any special installation or gas lines.


In the dead of winter, there is nothing quite like snuggling up in front of a roaring fire. A fireplace can provide both comfort and warmth on those cold days and nights. Not only will it take the chill out of the air, but it will also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

If you have never experienced the joy of sitting by a fireplace, you are truly missing out. There is something about the flames that just makes you feel at ease and can even help you relax after a long day. If you are looking for a way to add a little bit of luxury to your home, then adding a fireplace is definitely the way to go.


You should know that there are different types of fireplaces. Some are meant to be installed in the wall while others are free-standing. There are also outdoor fireplaces that you can use to spruce up your patio or deck area.

The type of fireplace that you choose should be based on your needs and preferences. If you have a small home, then a wall-mounted fireplace would be a good option. If you have a larger home, then a free-standing fireplace would be a better choice.


Since you would be making a significant investment in a fireplace, it is important to do your research and understand all the things you need to take into account before installation. This way, you can be sure that your fireplace will not only elevate the look of your home but also provide the functions that you desire.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before installing a fireplace:

– The type of fuel you would like to use 

– The design and size of the fireplace 

– The installation process and cost 

– Whether or not you need a permit 

– How the fireplace will impact your home’s energy efficiency

No matter which type of fireplace you choose, adding a fireplace to your home can help to elevate the style and sophistication of your home. Fireplaces add a touch of luxury and can make any home feel more inviting. If you are looking for a way to improve your home, consider adding a fireplace. It is a great way to add value and beauty to your home.


If your water heater is having problems, this does not mean you need to replace it quickly. Instead, you can fix the problem at your home by yourself or call a professional. The repair cost is much less than the replacement cost, but you first need to find the water heater problem.  

The problem inside the heater may vary depending on the type of heater you have. The most common issue with the electric heater is the failure of the electric circuit, while carbon formation and combustion odor is the problem with the gas water heaters. 

If you leave the water heater problem unresolved, it will lead to a big unresolvable issue. Here is a quick guide that will help you understand your water heater problem and give you the idea of fixing the issue.

Safety first

Do not forget to switch off the power supply before troubleshooting the issue.


It is the most apparent issue you might face with your water heater. Here are the 3 temperature issues you will likely face.


The probable reason for no hot water from the water heater may differ depending on whether you have an electric or gas heater. If you have an electric heater, then these might be the reasons:

  • The thermostat became faulty.
  • The heater is not receiving power.

In the case of a gas water heater, you have to check whether the gas valve is on or if the burner is effectively working or not. 


The heater will not receive power if its breaker gets tripped and the fuse is blown. In the first case, switch off the breaker and turn it on again. In the latter case, replace the defected fuse with the functional one. 

The faulty thermostat can be corrected only by replacing the failed heating element. If the high temperature has cut off, the heater will give off the cold water. To fix it, switch off the beaker, open the access panel of the upper thermostat and press the reset button and turn on the power supply.


The inadequately hot water might be due to an undersized water heater, which means the demand is more than the limit. 

For instance, if the limit of your water heater is 50 gallons, it will produce 40 gallons of hot water, but if you exceed the limit, the heater will start pouring inadequately hot water.  


The only way to fix the problem of inadequate warm water is to limit the demand. If your heater capacity is large enough to manage all your demands and still produces lukewarm water, then there must be some issue with the upper or the lower thermostat. 


Too hot water pours from the tape when the thermostat is set too high. It may also occur rarely due to a fault in the temperature pressure valve.


Getting too hot water from the water heater is not a significant issue. Check the heater setting manual to adjust the temperature of the thermostat. The recommended temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit which will maintain the heat, and the heater will also work efficiently. 


The water heater sometimes starts producing rusty water. It is a clear indication of corrosion in the inner lining of the water heater tank. Bacterial growth inside the tank produces an unpleasant rotten egg smell.


You can not fix this problem on your own because to troubleshoot this issue, you need to replace the anode rod. Call the best plumbers club to hire a professional plumber to resolve this water heater problem. If the water discoloration is not due to a malfunctioning anode, you need to replace the water heater. 


Leaky water heater tanks are the most severe problem that needs to be fixed quickly because it damages other household goods. The heater may leak due to the damaged temperature and pressure relief valves, loose heating element bolts, or loose plumbing connections.


To fix the leakage, tighten the heating element bolts with the help of a wrench. If necessary, replace the valves. Tank leakage occurs due to corrosion which no one can repair, so it is good to replace the water heater.


It is also the case that the tank starts making noise due to the sediment or scale build-up. This sediment overheats the tank’s surface and the water boils which may also produce sound. On the other hand, the heating element sometimes produces a snapping and popping sound when you run the heater.


Drain the water completely to get rid of the sediment and scales. If your heater is still producing sound, there might be other issues, so you need to consult a professional plumber to get this job done.


Some other issues that may occur in the water heater are:

  • Water takes too long to heat up. It is due to defective heating elements.
  • Another problem with the water heater is low water pressure due to the comparatively narrow pipe. 
  • The pilot light in case of the gas heater stays light due to a defect in the gas valve.

Monthly maintenance and cleaning of your water heater increase its life, and the heater will not create these common issues. 

Guest Contributor: Zahid