Not having a lot of money to work with, you search for ways to save money when furnishing the home. You might splurge for the rooms that you care the most about and save on the rooms that don’t matter as much. Looking for places to buy, you have no shortage of potential sources since you can find furniture everywhere. Let’s look at some tips to save money on furniture.



The cost of furniture drops when you buy straight from the manufacturer. While stores sell the furniture at retail prices, the manufacturer sells at wholesale prices. You eliminate the middleman who tacks on the extra cost to earn a profit. In addition, you often receive better customer service when you buy directly because the manufacturer understands the furniture better.



Anyone looking to save money on furniture should visit the local thrift store. Secondhand furniture offers a less expensive way to shop for furniture, and you can often find sturdy and affordable furniture here. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to buy furniture made from particle board. Most particle board furniture will last for a single user. You don’t want to buy it from a thrift store because it is most often destined for the landfill after the first use. Particle board will often cost less than solid wood furniture, but it comes with a large set of problems when used.



In some cases, you may want to buy more premium quality furniture because it serves a specific purpose. For example, you want quality furniture when it comes to holding up your TV. You don’t want the furniture to fall apart while you have the TV on the entertainment system because it will break two items. In some cases, you may want to pay a little more to save yourself from the inconvenience. Especially if you have a heavier TV, you will need an entertainment system that can hold it.

To get the most this way, consider the utility and how frequently you will use it. If the furniture fails, what are the inconveniences that you will face? In some cases, you need to spend money to save money.



You save more money if you buy your furniture slowly over time. This is because you can truly watch for the deals. Making a knee-jerk purchase without understanding the general costs of the market will cause you to pay more for furniture. This idea of delayed gratification may not be everyone’s idea of a good choice, but you will save more if you build your furniture collection up slowly. Spread out the more expensive purchases. You don’t need to buy the big-ticket items all at once. Prioritize the most important.

For instance, if you are looking at furniture in Edmonton, You can look at the financing options that some companies offer such as 0% interest if you pay it off in a fixed 6-month period.



Even if you can afford to buy the trendy piece of furniture of today, it may not always make the most sense. Trends change quickly as a new piece generates interest, and it is advisable to like the piece that you buy rather than buy for a trend that changes in a couple of years. Instead, you might look for timeless classics that hold interest over the long term.



Every furniture store will host an annual sale, and when you know the time of the year for it, you can buy the items that you want at a discounted price. Seasonal discounts give you another opportunity to save money. Some of the best times to get a discount include:

●      Fourth of July

●      Memorial Day Weekend

●      Black Friday

●      Labor Day

Now, 10 percent may not seem like much on a small item, but when it comes to big-ticket items, that can save you a ton of cash.



Beware of impulse purchases for furniture that you don’t necessarily need. For example, if you shop online, put the item in your cart and wait 48 hours. If you still want to buy it after 48 hours, hit the buy button. Furnishing a new home doesn’t have to cost an outrageous amount of money, and you can do certain things to save cash.

 Guest Contributor: Tracie Johnson


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