You don’t need to wait until it’s time to sell your home to give it a facelift. With a few upgrades here and there, you can start enjoying spending more time at home. However, it’s of great necessity to understand that not all home improvements might enhance the value of your home or even make it more comfortable. Here are the five home projects to take on for the year 2022.


Would you like to get cashback on your home investment? Then it would be best if you worked on replacing the garage door. It’s the surest way to earn cash back on your investment when letting go of your landed property.

It’s imperative to know the amount of money you’re likely to spend on this project. Think about the cost of removing your current garage door and then replacing it heavy-duty with four-section doors.

While this home project is vital, you might not be able to do it independently. Therefore, consider hiring trusted contractors in your area to help you with this critical project. Once done, you won’t believe the number of potential buyers your home will attract.


You need a few dollars to spend on landscaping so that your home looks more valuable than it currently is. Curb appeal is one of the most important things for selling a home. Your home will look more than just fresh and appealing with new landscaping designs.

When an interested buyer comes to view your homes, the aesthetic impression of the back and front of your home is what they’ll see first. Therefore, to make the best first impression, you need to focus on landscaping.

You don’t need to dole out huge sums of money. But still, you must ensure that the lines are clean and perfectly trimmed. Otherwise, your efforts to make your property look better will only hit a dead end.


You need to also focus on working on your bathroom. Most modern buyers want their bathrooms to look great. Otherwise, they’ll feel that your property is old and updated. Therefore, to attract many potential buyers, update your bedroom before listing it.

Focus on shower pan, flooring, lighting, and anything about having a luxurious bath or shower. Instead of using guesswork, consider a total overhaul, which can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you start with a clean slate and upgrade the entire bathroom, you’ll be sure that nothing is left out. Therefore, go ahead and get started, and be sure to only work with trusted interior designers.


No matter how old your property is, you need to ensure that the next owner is getting a clean and fresh space when selling it. Most of them won’t be happy if the walls look dull and dirty. The good thing about this project is that you can do it independently.

Look at the interior walls of your house and consider the best paints that can match the overall décor or the property. For instance, if your home is in a shady neighborhood, you can do with bright colors on the living room walls.

You need to think about unique paint color for the focal point as you paint. This is the area your guests see first when they step into your house. You can give it a slightly different but welcoming paint.


This is another home project that’ll give you ROI in 2022. According to home renovations in Washington DC, your home can only look happy if it lets in Natural Light. There’s no problem if you don’t know where to start.

Consider the position of the sun and how it moves throughout the day. It would be great to position the windows to let in a few morning sun rays into the living room of the balcony of your house.

You can have windows in opposite directions so that there’s enough light coming into the house in the morning and evening. Most buyers want to buy happy homes, and nothing makes a home happy more than natural Light.


With these home projects, you can ensure that your property will attract many potential buyers. Some of them might cost a lot of money, but you can be sure that you’ll earn cashback once the property is sold.

Guest Contributor: McKenzie Jones

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