Are you a minimalist? If so, then living in a tiny home is for you. Minimalism is going through a bit of a renaissance right now as more and more people realize that having the space to pursue our passions, work on our projects, and be is the best way to live. A small home allows you to find this balance much more accessible than a large house that tries to accommodate every need. You can have everything you need within your walls, rather than having to drive miles and miles in search of supplies or rent space elsewhere. This is also a great choice if your neighborhood isn’t very friendly towards mobile homes or prevents people from visiting unannounced.


Spend less building square footage and more on creating livable and functional spaces. A small home allows for less clutter and saving on building costs. You’ll also be able to use the space you have more efficiently. It is also ideal for escaping the emptiness that would otherwise be in a bigger house.


A tiny house is not just a bedroom on wheels. It should reflect the same level of functionality as a full-sized house. A bedroom should fit a bedroom, a studio should fit a studio, and a 1/2 home should provide a 1/2 place. When trying to find the perfect space for your tiny house, keep in mind that it is not the space that is the problem. It is the layout. A bedroom has a set routine, from how the bed is made to what articles of furniture are used for storage. You can research things such as choosing the right little house design, how to build a tiny house on a budget, and more.


While a bedroom should have a complete set of clothes to wear when sleeping, a closet should be kept as bare as possible. While walk-in closets are often associated with high-end homes and fancy interiors, they also make great options for a tiny home. A walk-in closet is perfect for a tiny house with minimal floorplan requirements.


No matter which style of home you choose, it is essential to make an effort to bring your style into the design. White walls, white doors, and classic furniture are all options you should consider. If you feel a little more spontaneous, a color scheme that includes a few bolder furniture pieces, such as a sectional sofa or a bed with a high headboard, would suit you well. Remember, your tiny home should feel like a home away from home. Whether you choose to make your home in a small house or a studio apartment, an exciting and cozy room is crucial for the home’s décor.


Tiny houses often have small kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. These spaces are often the most difficult to clean. This is because tiny house dwellers constantly move around the house, and dirt and dust accumulate quickly. To make cleaning easier, small house dwellers should choose surfaces that are easy to clean. This means selecting resistant materials to dirt and dust build-up, such as tiled or hardwood floors.


If you love minimalism but find it challenging to fit everything you want into a small space, a tiny home might be just the thing for you. The benefits of living in a tiny home are many — not the least of which will allow you to save money by not spending as much on utilities and other living costs as you would in a larger home. A smaller house also makes it much easier to entertain friends and family when you want to stay inside while they cook or play music outside. It is easy to decorate a tiny house, and it will allow you to save money by not having to spend as much on utilities and other living costs as you would in a larger home.

Guest Contributor: Hannah Boothe

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