There is so much dust and debris that makes its way into our homes through the ducts in our vents. If you want quality air in your home, you might need to learn how to clean the ducts in your vents. Also, clean ducts reduce the chances of allergies getting triggered in the family. Cleaning ducts is not difficult. You will need a few items and an understanding of the HVAC system.



You will need gloves so that your hands remain protected when you are cleaning the ducts. Be sure to get heavy-duty gloves and a mask. If possible, get goggles to protect your eyes.


It might be necessary to get a bucket with a mop so that you can remove any dust and debris accumulated in your ducts. A wet mop will absorb much dust and ensure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned. Be careful not to damage the ducts with your mop.


Before using any mops, it is best to vacuum the ducts. The vacuum sucks much of the dust and dirt in the ducts. You can use your household vacuum hose. Point the nozzle towards the dusty duct areas and vacuum thoroughly. If your home vacuum is not strong enough, you can rent a commercial vacuum with a long hose.


Once you have vacuumed the ducts, you should clean them with a brush. You can use a small brush to remove any dust clinging to the wall of the ducts.


You will need a long hose and an Air Blaster attachment. The attachment is used to spray water into the ducts and dislodge anything that has settled on the sides. Use this attachment when cleaning your ducts thoroughly after vacuuming or after using a mop.


Use it to remove screws from the vents. You could also use a screwdriver, but it will require a lot of energy and could take much time.


Use an air duster or compressed air to dislodge dust in tight spots, particularly in areas hard to reach with a mop.


  1. Remove any screws that are holding the air duct covers.
  2. Make sure you cover your supply vents – It is important to cover these supply vents with paper towels. The vents that are not being cleaned or have already been cleaned are the ones to cover. The aim is to stop any dust from escaping into these open vents.
  3. check the thermostat and set it to “fan on” – Activating the fan allows you to move any dust in the vents. It will also loosen any dust stuck in the vents, making it easy for you to clean. Ensure the “heat and cool mode” is turned off as the fan turns on.
  4. Loosen the dust in the ducts – Gently knock the ducts to loosen any dust in the ductwork. You can use the handle of your brush to knock the duct. It will loosen any dust stuck on the sides of the ducts.
  5. Clean your supply registers – Use your brush to sweep out the dust from your supply registers. Then, use a vacuum to suck out the accumulated dust or debris. Take advantage of the vacuum hose to reach the furthest sections of the supply registers and vacuum thoroughly.
  6. Shut the fan and furnaces – Switch off the fan from the thermostat and power off the furnace using the service switch.
  7. Return the furnace filter.

Your ducts must be clean at this point. It will take a while before dust accumulates to excess levels. Also, you can conduct routine duct cleaning once or twice a month, especially during spring and summer. If you have read this and decided that this work is not for you, then you can look into services to help you. If you live near Canada, you can look for Toronto duct cleaning services and find a company to come clean them for you.

Regardless if you choose to clean them yourself, or get them taken care of by an outside company. Maintaining a clean air duct will help to keep dust and mites away from your home, and may even help lighten symptoms during allergy season. 

Guest Contributor: Hannah Boothe

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