Kitchen remodeling may seem like an easy task, but it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start and if you are not prepared for it. Aside from the budget, you also have to know when to tell if you need to remodel something or not; otherwise, you might unnecessarily spend money on upgrading a part of the house that is still functioning well. 

Some home remodeling ideas can be costly, especially if you want to upgrade most parts, but if you’re tight on budget and want to remodel for a change, then there are also ways to do it the budget-friendly way.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you have to be smart and creative to make the best of it without spending much. You can get the design or function you want without buying a new appliance or new furniture. Sometimes all it takes is a simple repair and poof! You have a new and improved kitchen without spending a lot of money. If you’re here for that, then you’re in the right place.

Here are seven tips to remodel your kitchen while on a budget:

1. List Everything You Need

Remodeling is a costly task to do if you are not prepared. You’ll never be ready for the sudden costs if you do not plan it, so it’s always better to plan by listing everything you need to do. 

You can start by listing everything you need first. Decide which part of your kitchen you want to remodel, and list down the changes you want to do with it. Set a budget for every part of the kitchen you want to remodel so you would have a limit if you need to purchase something. 

After you’ve listed everything you need, you can start the process of remodeling.


2. Repaint Wooden Furniture With White

Nothing can defeat the color of bright white when it comes to retouching wooden furniture. No matter how outdated the wooden furniture is, as long as it still has a smooth surface, you can make it look new again with white paint. It will also be a good chance to change the ambiance of your kitchen if you’ve had other colors but white as your kitchen motif. White-colored wooden furniture can brighten your kitchen and give off a neat and relaxing mood. 

Aside from the purpose of retouching, old and rusty furniture can also look brand new with white paint. So if you want a new set of furniture but don’t want to spend a lot of money, use white paint to repaint old furniture so you won’t have to buy new ones. 


3. DIY Decorations

If your kitchen has been looking bland, add some DIY decorations. There are a lot of DIY decorations that are on the internet that you can easily search. Another easy one you can do is picture frames. You can make picture frames with some cardboard, paint, and resin. What makes them even more special is you can decorate them however you want, so get creative and start decorating.


4. Add More Greens

In the kitchen, when we say greens, the first thing that will come to people’s minds is vegetables. When it comes to remodeling and home decorations, we meant indoor plants. Having indoor plants can promote the quality of air inside your house. Some indoor plants, to some extent, also have health benefits. 

The kitchen is where most people cook, so expect that sometimes there are dishes that make your kitchen smell like someone puked in there. There are odor-neutralizing plants that help eliminate bad odors from food that smells when cooked. So if you want to have a fresh-smelling kitchen, add some indoor plants.


5. Replace The Cabinet Doors, But Leave The Cabinets

What’s the first thing that gets torn over time with cabinets? The doors. Cabinet doors are the ones that can get torn from too much use because it’s the only part of the kitchen cabinet that gets moved a lot. Most of the time, we change cabinets even when the body is still intact, so before doing this if ever you’re thinking of replacing your kitchen cabinets, check the body thoroughly. If it still looks okay and sturdy enough to store your kitchen items, then only replace the doors to save money. You can use several kitchen repair tools in doing this. You can even make your cabinet doors to design them how you want, making them look like you’ve just purchased a new kitchen cabinet.


6. Upgrade The Lighting With DIY Projects

It’s important to maintain the lights inside your kitchen because it’s where you prepare and cook food. The visibility must be 100% clear for you to work properly. When the light fixtures are already dim and dull, upgrade them with DIY kits. There are DIY kits for lights found online and even at a nearby hardware store, and you’ll find them more cheaper and convenient. 


7. Change The Walls With A New Paint Color or A Wallpaper

You can update the whole look of your kitchen by just changing how the walls look, so work on that. You can change the wall design by getting a new wallpaper, there are cheap wallpapers you can find on the internet. The fastest and cheapest way to upgrade the design of your kitchen walls is to repaint them with a color that you haven’t used before, so you’ll look at your kitchen in a new light. 


Kitchen remodeling is fun if you can save money while doing it, so make sure to be smart with your choices and decisions. There are so many ways you can remodel a part of your house without spending much, just remember to plan to avoid unnecessary purchases. It’s important to save money, especially in our time today when you can’t tell what will happen next. In everything you do, you have to work smarter, not harder.

Guest Contributor: Ksenija Meller

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