The time will come eventually when you look at your room is disgust and want to rearrange the entire room. This is perfectly normal! We all go through phases of aesthetics and themes, and as time changes, we change. There are multiple things you can do to update your bedroom, you can go as big as remodeling the entire room, or changing a couple of things that interest you better. We’re here to help give you ideas on what you can do to enjoy your bedroom again.


Sometimes all we need is a refresh of color to set the vibe. By painting your room, this is a great way to refresh your bedroom and gives you the opportunity to paint a color that can make your room appear larger, or smaller if that’s what you’d prefer. A good idea is to pick a color that you correspond with cozy. When we think of “cozy colors”, we think of colors like lavender, blues, grays, pastel colors, soft pinks and purples, and a sage green. You’ll want to stay away from bright and bold colors like bright red, black, and orange, because those tend to be too distracting and make your room appear smaller than it is. Don’t be afraid to test colors on your wall, it’s better to test them out before committing to the color and you end up not liking it.


If you’re not allowed to paint your bedroom, you can apply wallpaper to the walls to give you a statement. Wallpaper is pretty popular now a days, especially to renters because it doesn’t ruin the walls and can be taken down at the end of the lease. This is perfect for bedrooms because if you are someone who changes your mind frequently, wallpaper can benefit you in many ways since you can decide where it goes, and take it down whenever you get tired of it.


Sometimes all you need to do is get a new bed and that can totally change the atmosphere of the room. Everyone can benefit from a new bed because the quality will be great and allow you to get a goods night sleep.


A great way to freshen your room is to add greenery in there. There are benefits for adding greenery, it will boost your mood, and promote oxygen in your room. Some plants are very low maintenance, but even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always opt for fake plants to still bring the vibes in.


Sometimes lighting has a big impact on your mood, and poor lighting is sure to make you feel down. We all have an overhead light, but bring in additional lighting to make it brighter and appear more nice. Grab some cute lamps, or open the windows and let in some natural light! Natural light is a instant serotonin boost. Another trend of this generation is adding LED lights along the walls to bring in colored lights that you can change colors depending on your mood.


Everyone has great memories, and usually with great memories comes great pictures that remind you of those memories. It is a great idea to incorporate your own personalized pictures into your room so when you look at them you’re reminded of the happy memories in your life. There are so many different ways you can incorporate them, such as putting up picture frames, hanging pictures on a string on the wall, putting pictures on your night stand, the possibilities are endless.


Adding a mirror to your room is said to boost confidence and give you more lighting when you have additional lighting because the light will reflect. There are many ways you can incorporate a mirror into your room, and of course mirrors are practical, they will be used so it’s a win win situation. A full body mirror can turn into a corner of decorations that can make you excited to take pictures.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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