Whether you rent an apartment or own a home, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your space. No matter if you search for apartments using a schedule that was designed according to The Urban Avenue best practices, or look at home listings online yourself, the bathroom is one of the first rooms you will look at.

It needs to not only look good, but also deal with moisture well and be a functional space. While some are fine, others may need a bit of work. But before you tackle a bathroom renovation on your own, there are some things you should know that you may not have heard about. This article is going to take a closer look at a few of them.


The costs to remodel a bathroom can vary, but it can be expensive at times. There are ways to save, but most full bathroom renovations will cost thousands of dollars, at least.  If you think you are going to spend a certain amount, always expect to spend a little more, because you probably will. 

As a result, always make sure to work in a little bit of wiggle room into your budget. Be sure to shop around not only for different products or materials, but also different contractors to help you bring your idea to reality.


When designing a bathroom, most of us think about how the shower will look, the style and size of the vanity, and the light fixtures. While it might not seem as important as these things, one thing you should not forget to think about is the storage. You need to ensure your bathroom has enough space to store everything from your towels, to your toiletries, your hair and skin products, and whatever else you need in the room.

You can have this storage built into the vanity or have shelves put up, but you need to account for the space for storage when planning out any renovation. This not only goes for storage in the room itself, but also in the shower or tub. You need a place to keep shampoo, soap, and other products so they are easily accessible without getting water everywhere. 


Despite how crucial grout is to a bathroom, it is often overlooked and forgotten about when designing and renovating a bathroom. Your grout can blend in with the tile, or even stand out if that is a look you’re interested in.

But in addition to choosing the right grout color to match the rest of the room, make sure that your grout is the right kind. The grout could be made out of cement, but if the area gets wet a lot, it should be synthetic. Be sure to avoid solid white in most cases, as grout can get dirty and may be hard to keep perfectly clean. Of course, if the look of dirty grout doesn’t bother you, white is just fine.

Grout also seals out dirt and water, helps tiles fit and look better together, and even helps to keep everything structurally sound. So there is no doubting how important and underrated it is for any bathroom renovation.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you learn a little more about how to best renovate your bathroom.

Guest Contributor: Arslan Hassan

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