Valentines Day is around the corner, and some people like to get festive and decorate their houses to the occasion. While decorating for Valentine’s Day isn’t very popular, there are “Budget Friendly” ways to decorate for the occasion.

This farmhouse aesthetic is very popular lately, and very easy to get ahold of. If you’d like to purchase it, we’ve seen these at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or you can simply DIY it yourself.

Another popular trend is tag signs. It is so easy to DIY this, a wooden tag and some paint and you have a Valentine’s tag!

The good thing about Valentine’s day is some of the decorations you can leave up year-round, depending on the style of the decoration. This one is perfect because its versatile. You can use it during Valentines Day in addition to other decorations, or you can leave it up all year because it’s simple, yet cute.

Decorating mantels is also another popular trend. A big sign is a great attention getter and looks adorable.

This door hanger is simple and easy to make! Ribbon, string, paper and a picture frame can be a perfect door hanger to catch people’s attention!

Porch signs are great for curb appeal and easy to make, and look great from a distance.

A tier tray decorated always looks so adorable and is very budget friendly because you have to put small things on it. A couple of budget friendly items and a previously owned tier tray leads to a perfect centerpiece for Valentines Day.

A popular decoration lately is the felt pom pom balls. These can work for more than just Valentines Day but can add a little bit of “love” into your home!

Have a vase you usually put flowers in? This is perfect because its simple. You can DIY the hearts, or buy faux plants for the season and use them every Valentines season.

Haven’t taken down your Christmas tree but Valentines Day is approaching? Switch the ornaments on the tree to the occasion, and it looks adorable! This one is small and easily moveable.

Welcome mats are always adorable no matter what the season is. This is one of those decorations that can be used past Valentines Day!

This is a cute way to DIY a decoration. If you have left over felt, cut heart shapes and arrange it like a tree. Perfect Valentines Day decoration.

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