The bathroom is the most important room in every home. It is where you get your best beauty sleep, relieve stress by taking a hot shower, and brush your teeth regularly. The list of reasons why the bathroom is very important can be elaborated upon endlessly. However, there are some items that you need to have at least in your bathroom to make sure that every single moment spent there has been utilized correctly. If you look under the sink in your bathroom right now, you will probably find at least some of these things. Here are six practical items that must be in any proper bathroom:


A bidet is a small bathroom fixture that may be attached to your toilet. It consists of a faucet and an exposed reservoir for water and some form of waste pipe and controls. The idea behind this item is that you can wash your lower body with it after using the toilet, so you reduce the amount of toilet paper used – which helps protect the environment – and you get clean. As seen at https://www.trvst.world/sustainable-living/eco-friendly/best-bidet-converter-kits/,  there are a lot of different options for bidet attachments that you can buy, if you don’t want to spend money on an entirely new toilet that comes with the feature built-in. One of the most convenient options is probably the bum gun type that you use with your existing toilet.


Every bathroom needs a mirror. The only problem is that mirrors can be very bulky and take up unnecessary space in the room, especially if you have a smaller bathroom. For this reason, it is smart to buy a vanity mirror instead of a regular mirror. A vanity mirror is one large mirror with small mirrors attached to its frame, one for each side of your face, so that you can check out your makeup while standing in front of the sink. There are lots of different models and styles, so do some research before committing to a specific one. Just make sure it is compatible with your bathroom design.


One of the worst things about a bathroom is that there may not be enough shelf space to put all your bathroom items. If you have ever had to put something in the sink just so that it doesn’t get wet or fall on the floor, then you know exactly what this means. That’s why an over-the-sink shelf is such a brilliant idea. These shelves can be placed above your existing sink and provide useful storage space for your shampoo bottles, hair products, and other small items that need to go somewhere dry before they will be used. You may even use them to keep towels and other toiletries if you don’t want them displayed in plain sight. This item can help organize your entire bathroom and make it look neater as well.


Perhaps you have a very large bathroom and the only place where you can put your towels is next to the shower. In this case, a better solution than putting them on the floor would be an over-the-shower curtain rod that doubles as a towel rack. This is actually what it says on the box – basically, two rods come together at the top, just like most regular shower curtains do, but they are perfectly horizontal instead of vertical. Do you know how some people never hang up their towels in their bathrooms because they don’t want them to drip all over their floors? Well, this type of item will prevent that by raising them above your shower spray range. There are also more advanced models with shelves, just like the one described above. So, get creative and find out which option is best for your bathroom.


If you have a tiny bathroom or just a messy person in your household that leaves clothes and towels on the floor after showering, then a simple closet tower may be the solution. This type of item usually consists of three shelves that can be attached to virtually any wall, even if there is no stud or other suitable area for screwing it into. In addition, these shelves are often adjustable, so they can hold whatever size bottles and containers you need them to. The best part about this item is how convenient it is – all you have to do is slide your items from the floor onto one shelf, which will keep everything up off the ground and out of sight. So not only does help you save space in your bathroom, but it can also make your place look neater.

If you own a home, especially if you have a family or at least one other person that uses your bathroom with you regularly, then it is in your best interest to invest in some of these items. They can not only make your life easier, but they can also make your place look neater and more organized overall.  So, make sure you include these practical items in your bathroom design.

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