Summer is coming and the warm months are perfect for parties and relaxation out in the garden. But the intense sunlight can also turn your barbecues and gatherings into a nightmare. Nobody likes to heal their sunburn the next day. So what’s the solution? Should you take your festivities inside? Not necessarily. Check out our creative garden ideas to prepare your oasis for the heat. 


Misting systems are great to relieve some of the stress from the heat. If you’re looking for fairy garden ideas, you might want to consider installing a little pond. Other great small garden ideas are little fountains that add atmosphere to your garden and attract butterflies and birds. The best part is that the flowing water can ease your stress levels simply with its sound. Backyard garden ideas for cooling the air can be something as simple as installing an oscillating sprinkler. The kids are going to love it. 

Water also creates a perfect environment for plants to grow. When the weather gets cooler after summer, you can even plant some trees for the future. These will be excellent cover from light. But let’s look at some items for protection that you can start using right away. 


If your garden doesn’t have a leafy tree to protect you from the blazing sun, you still have plenty of options to create some cover. The most simple solution is to get a patio umbrella. You can use it to cover your favorite place in the garden. The colorful umbrellas will liven up your garden. Use some lawn edgers to trim around the flowerbeds and your garden will be ready to host even formal dinner parties. 

But if you have some spare time, you can also put up something more complex for a shade. What are we talking about? A pergola! Put some honeysuckle vines growing on it and soon you’ll have a nice cool shade in your backyard. A pergola covered with beautiful vines is also a neat choice for flower garden ideas. 

If you love building and it comes easy to you, we’d recommend you to put up the ultimate shelter from the beams. 


What is the ultimate cover from the sun? It’s the stand-alone screen house. To build one, make sure you follow a detailed plan for your project. The cool part is that you can design the screen house to look exactly like you want. The design options are limitless. 

Here’s another reason to put up a screen house: it will keep the pests away from your vegetable garden. If you’ve been looking for some vegetable garden ideas, don’t forget to start with building protection for it. 


Summer months can get hot and to fully enjoy your garden, you need to get prepared for the heat. Add some water to your garden, create shades, and if you have enough time, put up a screen house. June is not far anymore, so best get started with creating your cool summer garden now. 

What did you think of our tips for keeping your garden cool? Did we give you some new ideas on how to improve your garden? Got a great tip of your own? Leave comments below, we’d love to know about your gardening experiences. Your opinion is important to us! 

Author’s Bio: 

Malcolm Cano is a professional florist and hobby gardener. He loves spending time building his little backyard garden. It has a calming effect on his similar to meditation.  As a dad, he really appreciates making parenting easier with his tips. Also, he had a lot of home improvement ideas to share. Over the years Malcolm has discovered lots of gardening hacks and loves to share these in blog posts.

Guest Contributor: Malcolm Cano

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