Studies have shown that decor is indeed one of the factors that affect how well we sleep or if we sleep at all, the decoration of your bedroom has an impact on you on the psychological level and that’s what affects your sleep.

Your bedroom could make you feel stressed or it could make you feel relaxed and that plays a major role in your sleep process, when you’re stressed your body starts producing stress hormones that work on keeping you awake and alert which as a result prevents you from sleeping. And when you are relaxed your body starts producing sleep-inducing hormones that promote relaxation in your body so you can wind off and sleep deeply.

It is not just about falling asleep or not, it is also about the quality of your sleep, you sleep better when you are relaxed, you wake up more refreshed and energized so you are ready for the day ahead while sleeping stressed leads to low quality sleep that is never enough for making you refreshed or energized.

So here are 5 bedroom decoration ideas to improve your sleep:

There are five elements to the decoration ideas we are going to suggest for better sleep, these elements contribute to your mood and the overall feeling you get when you are in your bedroom so it is important to get those elements right so you can have a peaceful night of deep refreshing sleep, these elements are:

  • Curtains
  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Bedding
  • Organization


Using blackout curtains to keep the daylight out of your bedroom is important for keeping the room as dark as possible so you can sleep peacefully no matter what time is it of the day. Curtains can help to control the amount of external light that gets into your bedroom and if you are a light sleeper that could wake up easily because of light or any other disruption then blackout curtains could be huge for you because it is a truly effective way of keeping light outside of your bedroom.


You need to take special care of the lighting of your bedroom if you want to enjoy a restful sleep. You need to pick lights that have low light intensity because it has been proved that high light intensity lights cause the suppression of melatonin production which is a very important hormone that the body produces to promote sleep.

You need to pick the right wavelength of the light also, because shorter wavelengths such as blue have been known to suppress the production of melatonin. You can use instead long wavelengths which don’t have any effect on the production of melatonin.


Picking the right color is also an important factor in how your bedroom will make you feel, science has proved that the best color for bedrooms is blue it helps your body relax and unwind from the stresses that you have been facing all the day, when you enter your blue decorated bedroom you will feel like you have gone into a different world because of the relaxation this color can provide to you. 

Yellow and green are also great choices for your bedroom colors, they can help promote relaxation and make you less stressed when you are in the room.


Luxurious bedding is part of your bedroom decoration and is part of how well you sleep, the soft touch of the high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets is unbeatable and will make you relax in a matter of seconds or the silk sheets that can make you feel like a queen.

Luxurious bedding has the ability to make you never want to leave the bed, if you have the right sheets your relationship with your bed will be a love story. So make sure you invest in your bedding because it has the ability to make you sleep better.


An unorganized space evokes stress in the human psychology, we need the space that we exist in to be organized, to has patterns, less chaos and more organization, this is what we seek. And with our bedrooms nothing changes, we need our bedrooms to be in order and well organized so we can sleep and relax, because an unordered space can irritate us out of the optimal sleep state that we need.


So these were the five decoration factors that have an impact on how well you sleep, each factor on its own might seem minor but when these factors are combined they will probably have a significant impact on how good or bad you sleep. 

So make sure to follow the bedroom decor recommendations in order to get the best out of your sleep.


Karim is the founder of bedsisland.com, a website that focuses on sleep and everything related to it,  he has been blogging about sleep for over two years now and has a deep curiosity that leads him to explore every aspect that sleep impacts in our lives.

Guest Contributor: Karim Mohamed

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