Currently, the “farm house” style has been a significantly popular theme when decorating or tieing together a home. Not to mention that you can turn any room or space into this look with using simple ideas that can come at a reasonable cost. The main focus of the style is keeping it modern with a cozy feel. Making any room or space welcoming with its warm and “homey” feel.


Barn Doors


Not only just a functional, the barn door style make a great statement to any home. Different styles or worn wood and colors of stain are used to match or mix match complemetnign colors in a home. Doors are typically large, heavy wood held up on a track to slide the panel for entry.  Bold brass handeles or knobs are picked and attached if the door didn’t come with them already.





Tradionally colors are kept simple and basic. For example walls are usually left a fresh clean whites, greys and even light blues. This way accessories or acomaning wall art or furniture stands out against the blank slate. Statement pieces are usually bold primary colors. Such as blacks, blues, and different shades of brown depending on the wood furnishings.



Staple Pieces


The farm house theme usually has a few things come to mind immideatly; shiplap, hardwood, and the wash tub style sink. All once considered old fashioned at one point but are now being treated as back in style with a modern facelift. Utilities most commonly are porciline or stainless steel. Big washtub style sinks held in a warn wood utility cabinet. Yiu can dress these up with mix and match knobs or handles to give them a unique and personal characteristic.


Keep it Simple


Simple and clean are the guidelines to live by in this case. No over crowding with knickknacks, busy colors, or clutter. A clean space for a clean mind. The farmhouse theme is a simple design to welcome you to your home and keep it inviting to guests. Decorating should include, simple but rustic pieces. Examples of pieces could be antique objects, woven baskets, worn wood furnihsings, and even that looks weathered and tarnished. Old is new in this case.


Guest Contributor, Klaudia Schueler

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