We purchased 280 Turkeys for 280 families.

Let’s give the Walmart in Joliet and their wonderful crew a HUGE shoutout and THANK YOU for all their help. They went above and beyond to help us out.

We will be able to help 280 families this Thanksgiving!!

We also want to thank our plumber Cullen Camasta for once again putting us in contact with the right people.

Thank you: Malon Green, Manager Angela Berg, Brittney Zamudio, APM Stephanie Hernandez, Manager Mary Ott, and Head of Security Dan Perez

Chris and Dominic Bartolini from Bartolini’s Restaurant & Catering, single handed saved Thanksgiving for us and 280 families, by helping us store all these turkeys.

They generously provided their MASSIVE freezer for all the turkeys for St. Christopher Catholic Church and Seton Elizabeth Catholic Church!!

We can’t thank them enough!!!!!

May God bless their family and continue blessing their outstanding restaurant!!!

Thanksgiving is about “Giving”!!!

Every year, we donate turkeys for all the wonderful families that need assistance at St. Christopher Church.

It’s truly an honor to work with Sister Laurinda

Happy Thanksgiving!

We just delivered 200 turkeys to Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church/Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Catholic School in Orland Hills, plus all the turkeys everyone donated today…. Almost 400 turkeys combined for families in need.

Thank you to everyone that helped out/volunteered their time and effort.

A giant THANK YOU to all our customers, because of you, we’re able to purchase all these turkeys to donate to families in need.

A special THANK YOU to Chris and Dominic Bartolini for letting us store all our turkeys in their freezer at Bartolinis Restaurant and Catering

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Saint Elizabeth Seton Church – Orland Hills

Here’s a few shots from today’s Thanksgiving Turkey Delivery for families in need. Thank you to everyone that helped out!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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