Once you move to a new neighborhood, there are a lot of things you ought to do. You need to familiarize yourself with the local area and get to know your neighbors, as they will have an impact on your life, whether you like it or not. But, the one thing that few people take the time to do is get on friendly terms with their plumber. Well, to help motivate you, we will govern the why and the how of creating a good relationship with a plumber.

Why is it helpful to be on friendly terms with your plumber

Plumbing is a service, just like any other. If you need help with a blown-out fuze, you call an electrician. Not sure how to trim drown old branches? You call a gardener. And if you suspect a leaky pipe, you call a plumber. Nothing to it, right? So, why should you go through the trouble of getting to know your plumber and staying on friendly terms? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

Price reduction

First off, it can be hard to deduce how much a plumbing repair will cost. Sure, you can put a price tag on spare parts. But, the work and the experience involved are not something that you can easily deduce. Unfortunately, most plumbing issues don’t give you much time to pick between different plumbers and get quotes. And usually, you will end up hiring the first one that comes around, no matter how much they charge.

Knowing a good plumber can save you a lot of money.

Well, here is the first instance where knowing your plumber can be helpful. If you are on friendly terms with them, you can rest easy knowing they won’t overcharge you.


The second thing to keep in mind is that plumbing issues are time-sensitive and you typically need plumbing services fast. Spending a day or two without water will soon show you just now often we rely on it. And if a pipe broke or a water cooler started to leak, you need to have someone that will give you a hand at a moment’s notice. This, again, is where being friendly with your plumber comes in handy. They will be much more inclined to rush to your aid if they feel that you are a decent person.

Friendly tips

There are plenty of instances where you don’t need the plumber’s help but their advice. Say that you want to redo your bathroom or your kitchen. The first thing to consider is whether your plumbing system can support your new ideas. If it cannot, you may be able to make modifications so that your remodeling can be put into practice. But, all of this requires expert knowledge and experience.

Not all plumbing systems can support all types of bathrooms.

Secondly, keep in mind that plumbing maintenance is not as straightforward as you might think. Once you move into a new home, you may believe that plumbing should stay as it is and that you should only call a plumber in case something goes wrong. But, there are dozens of little things you can do that will significantly improve the health of your plumbing system. A bit of extra insulation or a simple valve replacement can be all you need to avoid costly damages. Know that expert plumbers can usually notice issues in the making. And you’ll be much better off addressing those issues before they cause damage.

Creating a good relationship with a plumber

So, now that we have an idea of why it is important to create a good relationship with a plumber, let’s see how you are supposed to go about doing so.

Make sure that you find a good plumber

First, you need to make sure that you find a decent plumber. Even sub-par plumbers won’t shy away from being friendly. And you can hardly hope to reap the benefits of befriending your plumber if they are sub-par. So, do yourself a favor, and make sure that the plumber you are working with is worth befriending.

Connect with them on a personal level

Once you pick a plumber that you deem worthy, have them come over. If you have an issue to fix, great. If not,have them come over and perform an inspection. As you’ve just moved in, it is only reasonable that you want to have your plumbing inspected. Once they have completed the inspection, you can ask them about plumbing advice and whether you can incorporate some improvements.

If you manage to connect with them on a personal level, creating a good relationship with a plumber will be a breeze.

While discussing your home, don’t shy away from mentioning personal subjects like family, work issues, the fact that you’ve moved it, etc. If you’ve dealt with an interstate relocation, discuss how good organization is important and that adjusting to a new neighborhood is not easy. If you manage to start a friendly conversation, feel free to discuss it. If not, don’t push it. Keep in mind that friendliness is not something you can force.

Get their information

Once the visit is over, make sure that the plumber leaves their contact information. That way, you will be able to contact them quickly once you need their services. Explain that you’ve heard great stuff about them and that you are planning on calling them if something goes wrong.

Don’t shy away from tipping

And, finally, don’t forget to tip. Tipping your plumber at the first meet is a great way to make an excellent first impression. It shows that you value their craft and want them to feel appreciated while working for you. Even a small tip can go a long way in creating a good relationship with a plumber. So, even if it doesn’t seem cost-effective, you really ought to tip.

Guest Contributor: Sophia Perry

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