Maintenance Tasks For The Fall  

Getting Ready For The Colder Months

We had a great Summer, now it’s over. We are use to our horrible Winter weather, as long as we don’t get the Winter we had last year. That was unbearable. Pipes freezing, pipes bursting, heaters not working properly, and skyrocket electric/gas bills. I honestly think nobody was really prepared for that. Let’s make sure everyone is ready for the cold. Having your home ready, is a great way to start this Fall.

Insulate Your Pipes
-Exposed Pipes- any pipes that carry water in/out of your house should be wrapped up.
*wrap with electrical heating tape, then wrap in foam pipe insulation.
Shut off all faucets on the exterior of your house
-Hoses, sprinklers, should be drained and put away.
Check Your Roof
-Check your roof for damage, curled shingles, and leaky vents.
Look into proper drainage
-Water is your enemy. It can cause lot’s of damage. Don’t let it happen.
Clean Your Gutters
-Clean them. Don’t let anything sit there. Leaves, debris, and anything else that made it’s way in
your gutter.
Check Your Furnace
-Make sure it’s working correctly. Change the filter. When you are using the Heater, make sure
you change the filter every month.
Water Heater
-Drain your water heater. Assess the condition of the tank. Clean out the debris.
-If your water heater is located somewhere where it’s not heated:wrap your heater tank in a
insulating blanket.
Look For Drafts
-Windows, doors, and any other openings.
-If you have a A/C unit, take it down for the Winter, and store it. Or cover it with a water proof
cover, plus tape off all around it.
-Have your chimney cleaned before you use it this Fall

It’s the little things that will make a difference. Don’t slack, and wait for the last second. Do it now before it’s too cold. If you need a professional plumber to come winterize your house, give us a call and we’ll come out.
If you have any questions call or email
-Kevin Szabo Jr