An improved or upgraded landscape will make you feel good. It may also increase the value of your property – especially if the work is carried out to a high standard. Before starting a new landscaping project, it is important to plan out the project to ensure success. If you do not formulate a plan, you risk overlooking something key (or missing it completely).


Your plan needs to cover what you want to get from your landscape. What needs and wants do you have for that unloved space? For instance, do you want it to be a wild place that nature reclaims and loves? Or are you looking to create a landscape that allows you to throw awesome parties and get-togethers? When you know what your landscaping requirements and needs are, you are then able to start working on the design.

Top Tip: Look at how you use the space now. Are you maximizing the whole area? Are there unloved areas you can improve? 


All of the best landscapes are well-planned and well-designed; nothing is left to chance. You must ensure you do the same because if you do not, you will find that the newly landscaped areas get used less than you would like. To design the space, you need to have measurements to hand. So, measure out the area you are landscaping, try and get someone to assist you in this process, or work to your best estimate. Then once you have your sizes and measurements, you can then begin to design your perfect landscape. What must it include, and what sections do you want it to feature? A design that is produced alongside a plan will allow you to get the look and finish that you want. A design will be referred to by you and by all of those working on the landscape. If there is no design or brief to work towards, then how can contractors and gardeners give you the best result?


The materials that you use when landscaping are going to be just as important as the groundwork you carry out before you start digging. Ensuring you visit arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk and only commit to using the best tools, equipment, and materials is critical to your landscaping project. If you are making compromises on what you are purchasing, this is going to have a knock-on impact. It is going to slow work down if you are using inferior tools. Do not settle for second-best materials and tools. Your landscaped area deserves to look as good as it can, so do not settle for substandard items or products.

Top Tip: Start creating a shopping list as soon as you can. A shopping list will ensure you only purchase the equipment, tools, and materials that you need.


You will already have a deadline set for when you want landscaping works completed; however, how are you going to reach this deadline? How are you going to stay on track with your timescales? You will need to break down the project, particularly into manageable chunks. If you try to do everything all at once, it will have a negative impact on your landscape design and on your budget too. Keeping control of the budget may not seem like an issue, but it could make a difference in how you finish the project. If the budget is not created or referred to regularly, shortfalls will have to be made up elsewhere.


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