Tucked in downtown Tinley Park is a hidden gem ice cream parlor that’s underrated. “The Scoop,” is a delightful ice cream parlor has become a local favorite in the community. With its mouthwatering array of flavors, charming ambiance, and commitment to quality, The Scoop has become a go-to destination for anyone seeking a sweet treat.

Walking into The Scoop is like stepping into a warm and inviting atmosphere, the scent of freshly made waffle cones wafts through the air. Kevin took a second to point out the ambiance of the parlor, and mentioned the way The Scoop has their lighting throughout the building, as well as the decoration and outdoor seating area they have in front.

The Scoop is known for their vast selection of ice cream flavors, there’s a flavor for everyone’s palate. They have basic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, and more unique flavors like salted caramel pretzel, but the options seem endless when it’s time to decide what to order. The parlor takes pride in using only the finest ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible, which leads to the freshest and finest ice creams.

While ice cream is undeniably the star of the show at The Scoop, the parlor offers alternatives for those seeking something different. The menu includes refreshing sorbets, dairy-free options, paletas, and even specialty milkshakes that would make any milkshake enthusiast rejoice.

Kevin decided he didn’t want one ice cream to try, so he decided to sample multiple ones. He tried puppy chow, pistachio, strawberry sorbet, cookie monster and a lime paleta. He couldn’t believe the quality of the ice cream and how great they tasted. He recommends all of these flavors for anyone who is unsure of what to try.

What truly sets The Scoop apart is its dedication to the Tinley Park community. The parlor actively participates in local events, sponsors youth sports teams, and hosts fundraising initiatives for various causes. It has become a gathering place for families, friends, and neighbors.

With its irresistible ice cream flavors, inviting ambiance, and strong community ties, this Tinley Park gem has undoubtedly left its mark on the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors. The next time you find yourself in the area, don’t miss the chance to uncover the magic of “The Scoop” and experience the sweet treats that awaits.


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