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Many people consider the kitchen the heart of their homes. It’s a functional space to prepare meals, gather your family, and create memories together. And because of its functionality, the size of a kitchen can often pose challenges when trying to include modern appliances like dishwashers. 

Adding a dishwasher may seem daunting due to space restrictions if you have a small kitchen. However, accommodating this machine can be possible with the right approach and some innovative ideas. 

Here are some tips on how to add a dishwasher to a small kitchen:

1. Develop A Plan  

A comprehensive plan is vital when incorporating a dishwasher into a small kitchen. You can start by assessing the kitchen’s available space. Measure the dimensions of the area where you want to place the dishwasher. 

Since not all dishwashers are the same size, knowing the exact measurements can help you choose one that will fit the space perfectly. Remember to consider depth, height, and width. Keep in mind a dishwasher requires connections to the plumbing and electrical systems. Hence, it’s best to include these things in your plan.

On the other hand, it’s crucial to consider the service lifespan of your prospective equipment to ensure it’ll last for a long time. To learn more about how long dishwashers last, check out reliable websites and online resources like the Open House site for more information.  

2. Choose The Right Dishwasher  

Depending on the available space and kitchen layout, several types of dishwashers should be considered. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Knowing each type can help you determine which fits your needs. 

Below are some of the dishwasher options:

  • Built-in dishwasher: It’s the most common type and is permanently installed under the counter. It requires considerable cabinet space, which might not be ideal for smaller kitchens.  
  • Drawer dishwasher: It’s a good alternative as it requires less room while providing substantial cleaning power. Drawer dishwashers are available in single or double-drawer versions, allowing flexibility based on needs and available space. 
  • Portable dishwashers and countertop models: They’re excellent choices for minimal spaces. They can fit comfortably into small kitchens without requiring extensive kitchen modifications. You can tuck portable dishwashers away when not in use. Similarly, you can put countertop dishwashers in a cupboard or pantry to save kitchen space. 

Knowing the different types of dishwashers can help you identify which one suits your space and needs. 

3. Consider The Installation Process  

The installation process may begin after choosing a dishwasher for your small kitchen. Here are some essential things to consider when installing a dishwasher in a small kitchen:

  • If you choose a built-in or drawer dishwasher, it might be necessary to modify the cabinetry. It’s best to place it in a spot accessible to water and electricity.  
  • Make simple changes, like installing a pot rack for hanging pots and pans or adding a small island with storage underneath to free up space in your kitchen. Alternatively, overhead cabinets can be an excellent solution for storing items that don’t fit in the existing cabinetry. Also, consider vertical storage solutions, like stackable shelves, to maximize space efficiency. 
  • Built-in and drawer dishwashers require more complex installation and might necessitate professional assistance. Hence, it’s best to hire professionals for safe and efficient installation. 

On the other hand, a portable or countertop dishwasher is ideal for those who prefer more flexibility. These dishwashers come with a kit that can help you connect them to the kitchen faucet and an electrical outlet. When setting up a portable dishwasher, you can place it near the sink. 

4. Decide Where To Place The Dishwasher  

Aside from the installation process, it’s vital to consider where to place the dishwasher in your small kitchen. 

The following are some key things to remember when adding a dishwasher: 

  • Place the dishwasher below the sink to save space in your small kitchen.  
  • Fit the dishwasher in the corner, which is usually an unused space.  
  • Install the dishwasher at the edge of your kitchen so you still have adequate space to store your essentials.  

Working with a small kitchen space is difficult enough. But with the abovementioned considerations, you can still add a dishwasher to maximize your kitchen space.  

Final Thoughts  

While adding a dishwasher to a small kitchen may require creativity and thoughtful planning, it’s achievable. It’s best to develop a plan, choose a suitable dishwasher, and consider the installation process and location. 

Following the information mentioned above can help you add more functionality to your small kitchen. This helpful machine provides a more convenient and enjoyable cleaning experience.


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