The sink and faucet are essential elements of any kitchen remodel. So, you must be careful when purchasing these items because they directly impact your countertops. When remodeling your kitchen, you will also incorporate sinks and faucets as part of the process.

Even though some may opt to keep their current sinks and faucets when they upgrade their countertops, the majority will also upgrade them. The reason for this is that these items are used daily.

For optimum quality, you should purchase the finest sinks and faucets you can afford, as you want them to last as long as possible. Choosing the sink and faucet must be completed before countertop installation because the fabricator will drill the holes for the faucet at the installation time.

Let’s discuss choosing the best sink and faucets when renovating your kitchen.


First, let’s start by choosing the sink installation type since several options are available. 


Under-mount sinks are typically installed beneath countertops made of granite, marble, quartz, or sometimes solid surface. There are several different “sink reveal” options in this category, which refer to the degree to which the sink is visible under the counter.

In most cases, the fabricator will use the recommended manufacturer cutout regardless of the homeowner’s preference. Remember, after the renovation, make sure to have a Homeowners Gas Safety Certificate from your local gas supplier. Usually, a gas engineer comes to check your pipeworks and other fixtures for any gas leaks that might cause a major problem in the future:


The majority of sinks have some form of positive reveal. There is a small area where the sink rim is exposed when the countertop edge sits back from the sink edge. Due to its ease of cleaning, this is the most popular choice. The fabricator also has some flexibility when it comes to cutting the countertop.


In a negative reveal, all sides of the countertop extend slightly over the top edge of the sink for a smooth, streamlined look. The presence of an overreaching edge may increase the likelihood of chipping. Moreover, mold may develop under the edge if the area is not thoroughly cleaned.


Alternatively, this type of sink mount is called flush mount since it has perfectly aligned edges. There may be an upcharge involved in this process because it requires high precision in fabrication and installation. Since no exposed edges exist, zero sink reveals are often considered the easiest to maintain.


Generally installed over laminated countertops, top-mount sinks can be paired with laminate counters. In most cases, stone countertops are not used with this type of sink, as they are the easiest to install.


In large country kitchens, farmhouse sinks were often used to handle all kinds of household chores as they were oversized. Modern farmhouse styling allows these sinks to accommodate large pots and pans easily.

The front panel of these cabinets has a wide, exposed design that extends slightly beyond the countertop, attracting the eye. With its traditional apron design and slightly angled apron, Blanco’s IKON farmhouse sink collection offers a subtle architectural detail.

If you are looking for a farm sink, we recommend checking out the VINTERA collection. It has a slim apron front, deep bowls, and several installation options.


Renovations to the kitchen often include these upgrades. If you place the sink on your kitchen island rather than along the perimeter, you will have many new options in terms of layout and workflow. Additionally, it provides more versatility to your island and simultaneously frees up valuable counter space.

However, if you choose this option, you must modify an existing island or have a custom island built with a sink.


Considering your countertop material, aesthetic preference, and budget is important before selecting a sink appropriate for your household. The material composition also plays an important role in the selection of sinks.

The most popular sinks are still those made of stainless steel. Sinks of this type are available in a variety of gauges. As the gauge number increases, the material becomes thinner (and less durable). A gauge of 18 is considered a good quality standard in the industry. In general, it is advisable to avoid anything above 18 gauge. Select models can also be ordered in 16 gauge.

Additionally, composite granite sinks are a popular choice. A granite laminate countertop alongside offers color without compromising durability, care, or under-mounting capabilities.


A stylish kitchen faucet with a strong performance will be required for your water hub upgrade. There are multiple types of kitchen sink faucets, which vary according to their design and features. Here are a few examples:


This style refers to a faucet with a hose attachment that can be pulled up or down to allow the user to reach beyond the sink basin. Currently, pull-down faucets are trendy in the design of kitchens.

The faucets feature a dramatic high arc and a wand-like faucet head that descends when the handle is pulled. Typically, there are two to three spray styles of varying intensity. A pull-out faucet has a spray head that can be removed directly from its body.


It is common to find this faucet in modern farmhouse-style kitchens. There are two handles on the faucet, a hot and cold-water handle. During the installation of the bridge faucet, only two holes are required, one for each handle.


Their compact design makes these faucets often used in secondary kitchen sinks. They have a high neck that makes it easy to fill and rinse glasses.


When it comes to kitchen renovations, investing in high-quality sinks and faucets is a crucial decision that should not be overlooked. These seemingly small details can significantly impact your kitchen’s overall functionality, aesthetics, and longevity.

Opting for top-notch sinks and faucets ensures durability and reliability, minimizing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. High-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass withstand daily wear and tear and resist corrosion and stains, maintaining their pristine appearance for years to come.

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