As the world increasingly focuses on supplying affordable and clean energy to residential areas, installing solar panels has grown tremendously over recent years. Its popularity and usage are growing each day.

Today, more than 3 million solar systems have been installed in the US, with over 4% of the electricity coming from solar energy. 

Many states encourage citizens to harness solar energy by installing solar panels and batteries to store surplus electricity. To make the solar system accessible to many people, the US government even started a program to give tax rebates and incentives when installing solar systems.

Solar energy plays a vital role in powering your residential home and saving a significant amount of money every month. Thus, you must get solar panels from a reputable company such as Reposit Power through their official website or other online marketplaces. 

While solar panels can help you save money on your energy bills, how much you save depends on the type and working condition of the solar panels. 

Here are eight things you must know before buying a house with solar panels.


Net metering allows you to sell the excess power generated by your solar panel to the grid. It’s one of the ways you can save money and offset your monthly energy bills while speeding up the payback period of upfront costs. 

To get the advantage, ask the seller if the state has a metering program. If so, you need to work with a company which will do the trade on your behalf. The returns will pay your energy bill and cover any operation costs.


Warranties play a huge role in protecting your property and other related equipment. Solar panels come with a warranty in most cases. So, before you acquire a house with the panel, you must verify the warranty duration, its validity, and whether it’s transferrable. 

If your solar panels develop a problem, the manufacturer will be accountable, and you will not incur extra costs for the repair. Again, having a warranty proves that you truly bought that solar panel from a company that will be responsible if a problem occurs. 

That will make the compensation process fast. Conversely, if you don’t have a warranty, you are unlikely to benefit. Therefore, be sure to ask for the warranty. 


Like any other equipment, the solar panel is prone to undergo depreciation. Before you buy a house with solar panels, it’s good to know the age of the solar panel. Many solar panels last for about 30 years. 

So, if they are closely approaching their lifespan, you must replace them as soon as possible. 


Roofing can greatly impact energy production in the home and the amount of money you can save on your electricity bills. To get the best results, you must ensure the solar panels face south to trap maximum sunlight. 

Trees and other structural buildings are likely to block the panels from generating optimal energy. Therefore, ensure the panels are at the right angle and position so the tall structures and trees do not shade them. Lastly, if the roofing is damaged, you will need to repair it.


You can choose from different types of solar panels depending on your needs. The solar panels vary in Size, durability, cost, and efficiency. Therefore, knowing the type of solar panel installed in your prospective home is essential before buying it.


Buying a home does not mean you must buy everything in it. When it comes to solar panels, always inquire about the ownership. It’s important to ask whether the solar panels are owned or leased before buying a home. 

If the seller owns the solar panels, ensure they have been paid completely. Conversely, if the solar panels are on a lease, you must agree with the leasing company to buy off the panels or make arrangements to continue with the lease payment.



Every state has a set of rules and regulations concerning solar panel installation. You, therefore, need to ensure the seller has a credible permit that allows the installation. 

Let the seller issue you a copy showing the installation aligns with the state’s building and electricity safety act.


Performance and productivity are crucial aspects you must consider before buying a home with solar panels. You must ensure that the electricity generated is enough to meet your residential needs if not selling the surplus to the local company. 

So, ensure the solar system can generate power effortlessly and efficiently to produce enough electricity whenever needed. 


Buying a home with quality solar panels is a long-term investment to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint while ensuring a sustainable environment. 

Even though the upfront cost of purchasing and installing the solar panel is high, the benefits that come at last are immeasurable. So, why don’t you take advantage of the cheap renewable energy from the sun? Hopefully, this article will help you when you wish to buy a home with solar panels.

Guest Contributor: Jessica Smith


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