Unless you’re one of the rare breeds who are born in the family home and stay in it once your parents pass, then chances are you’re going to move home at least once in your life! Whether you’re moving with your partner, kids, friends, or your own solo pad, getting the keys and moving into your first property can be a daunting affair.

You may have already scoured the web for tips and strategies for a seamless move day. However, there are certain things no one seems to tell you about the moving process that you need to know about! Knowledge is power, so reading the below will help prepare you for what awaits and get you ready for homeowner life.

It’s Never Too Early to Start

If there’s one key bit of advice we can give to first-time homeowners, it’s to give yourself plenty of time to pack, pack and pack some more! Don’t leave things till the last minute. If you’re the type of person who wings it, you will be doing yourself a disservice. There are so many duties to undertake before you get the keys to your first home. If you’ve got time on your hands and you’re twiddling your thumbs, put it to good use and start packing now!

Prepare for Stress and Anxiety

While some of your loved ones may have hinted there’s a bit of stress involved in moving house, you need to be prepared for a lot more of it than they’re letting on! This isn’t to scare you either. While moving into your first home is incredibly exciting, because there are so many tasks to complete in advance, stress and anxiety levels are bound to skyrocket. Just try and keep your cool and focus on the end game. If things are getting too much, try out some deep breathing exercises to calm you down.

You Have More Belongings Than You Think

Whenever someone moves into their first property, they tend to underestimate just how much stuff they have! If you’re worried you’re not going to be able to fill your home up, trust us, you will! You’ll be amazed at how many belongings you have. Once you get packing, if you find the boxes are mounting up to the ceiling, why not look into storing them somewhere for the time being? This is where Safestore comes into the equation. They can house your personal belongings in a self-storage unit while you move into your first property.

Things Can and Do Go Wrong

It doesn’t matter how much planning and preparation you’ve done for the big move, things can and do go wrong. And guess what? It’s fine! There are bound to be some obstacles along the way, but we promise you’ll overcome them. Whether it’s the removal van not turning up on time or you’ve run out of masking tape for your boxes, try not to let your stress get the better of you.

Moving Will Be a Huge Disruption

Many of us lead hectic schedules. Whether you work long hours at the office, or your days are filled looking after the kids, the idea of moving into your first home may fill you with dread, especially when it comes to time constraints. As we’ve touched on, it’s wise to spend any spare minute you have getting ready for the big move. That way, you won’t have an endless list of tasks to do on move day.

We all know moving home isn’t easy. However, even those who go into their first move with their eyes wide open soon realise there are many things no one seems to let you know about in advance! To make the move into your first property as smooth as possible, learning about the potential issues above can help you prepare accordingly. Finally, all we have left to say is good luck on the move and enjoy your forever home!


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