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As home isn’t just a place but a feeling where you are safe and comfortable, your elderly loved ones need a place where they can make endless memories. Although building a home for your elders may be difficult, good planning can be a rewarding experience resulting in a comfortable living space. The elderly loved ones are a blessing to many and must be cared for by providing good shelter. If you are worried about how to build a home for your elderly loved one, worry no more, as the following article got you covered.     1. Ensure The Entrances And Exits Are Accessible Just like any other thing, emergencies are a part of your life. Therefore, while building a home for older people, it’s advisable to promote their safety by ensuring the entrances and exits are accessible. You can also create a series of questions to ask your builder about how the home of your elderly loved one should look. A fundamental safety for older people is when they can easily escape from the house in an emergency. Some homes are designed without proper emergency exits, which exposes them to potential risk. Although young people can look for many alternatives, like jumping out of the window during an emergency, older people may be unable to do that.    Entering the house and certain rooms don’t need barriers like mats. Consider developing a secure and safe ramp without steps near the doorway. Also, the delicate barriers can hold your elders’ feet, leading to injury.  Additionally, it would help if you remembered to ensure the doors are in an excellent working state. It will avoid the scenario whereby your elders will sleep with doors wide open, thus increasing their risk of being attacked by robbers. The entries provide paramount security. If some doors don’t work well, your elders will have a hard time as they fear wild animals’ attacks. Also, the doors should open and shut without more effort to simplify the elders’ life while using them. It is advisable to teach them how to operate the door as they use it alone most of the time. 

2. Use Assistive Technology With the rise of technology, older people can survive independently. Assuming they have problems walking from one place to another, the assistive technology will help them to walk without struggling. The technology only requires a command to work automatically, thus reducing the rate of relying on other persons. However, assistive technology doesn’t fully replace the support of a family member, as older parents need to be taught how to use the device properly.  Regarding bathroom use, shower buddy solutions can help reduce the manual strain on the elders. They need ample time while showering; thus, it will take care of bathing, transfers, toileting, and more. For instance, many elderly couples use the device to assist each other while bathing. Therefore, use assistive solutions and make their life comfortable. Thus, ensure you install the medical alert systems to help your elders keep safe at all times.    3. Choose The Right Location Location is very crucial when building a home for your elderly. As they are more likely to get sick, making their home is good to consider if there is a nearby: 

  • Medical Facility: Most older people die due to poor medication or a lack of medical facilities near their residences. They find it hard to travel from one place to another in search of medical necessities; hence they end up assuming their health status to the point of deteriorating. Family Members: It is advisable to build a home for your elderly near a family member. Although building a home for older people near a family member may seem so obvious, it has got a lot of advantages associated with it. The interaction between the elders and the family members can help reduce loneliness which most elders go through and provide welcoming care whereby your loved ones will feel loved and cared for.  

Mostly, the grandchildren don’t have much time to spend with their grandparents because of the distance between them.   Therefore, building a home for them near a family member will help in giving additional opportunities to get to know and bond with their elders. It is such a nice feeling having your elders well taken care of by one of your family members.  By doing this, you will be at peace wherever you are, knowing that whenever your elders need assistance, somebody will take care of them. For example, when they fall sick, a family member who is close to them will rush them to the nearest hospital for medicationBottom line 

Older people are a special part of everyone’s life. Caring for them in their old age is advisable to avoid mysterious deaths. While building a home for your elderly loved ones, choose the right location, use assistive technology, and ensure the entrances and exits are accessible. Thus, by following the tips mentioned, your elderly loved ones are guaranteed a peaceful life full-time safely.


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