Your home or commercial property should be an inviting place to visit. When the landscaping is not well kept, it’s not a very welcoming environment. Sometimes your landscaping may be perfect, but the utility boxes and other outdoor eyesores just stand out. This article will discuss how to strategically and creatively hide outdoor maintenance devices using landscaping.


Air conditioning units, tangled hoses, protruding pipes, and clutter can all diminish your curb appeal and landscaping. Although these outdoor eyesores are needed, they can distract people from the best features of your landscape. There are several ways to hide these outdoor eyesores.


Hiding your garbage and recycling bins can be done. Many houses have side gate entrances where people can tuck their bins behind the gate. An obvious option, if you have a garage, would be to put your garbage and recycling bins in the garage. You could also purchase a gate enclosure such as a Suncast Outdoor Screen Enclosure from Walmart, or the MCombo Outdoor Storage Cabinet on Amazon. Using a partial fence or plants in your yard to tuck your bins behind will camouflage them from the street.


Unfortunately, utility boxes can be an eyesore in your landscaping. It’s very important that you talk to your utility company and find out what coverage is permitted before you camouflage the box. As a starter suggestion, you could paint the box dark gray or a warm stone color. You could also wrap the box in vinyl bush print or a scenic mural. Another option would be to surround the box with tall plants or a row of bushes suited to your environment.


A sloppy, tangled garden hose is an unnecessary eyesore in your yard.  You can reel in the chaos by getting a decorative wall mount or potted floor container. A Suncast Plastic 225-ft Hideaway Hose Reel from Lowe’s is one example of a floor container. Also, a Never Leak Steel 100-ft Wall-Mount Hose Reel from Lowe’s is a great wall-mount option for hiding messy garden hoses.


Personal clutter, tools, and kids’ toys are the easiest to hide. If you have a garage just store them there. You want your yard to be an inviting space. One option would be to donate or get rid of any tools or toys you’re no longer using. Another option would be to build a shed or purchase a Shelf-Welded Steel Garage Storage Shelving Unit from Home Depot. You could also purchase a FastTrack Garage Multipurpose Storage Railing System from Lowe’s.


Utilitarian utility boxes aren’t a helpful landscaping feature in your yard. A simple way to hide these eyesores is to paint them the same color as the wall they are mounted on. Additionally, you can hide the box by adding a Fusion Privacy Screen. This has built-in planters or a custom-built faux wooden cabinet. If you decide to conceal the utility box with flowers make sure the planters are still easily accessible.


Your garage door can be an eyesore even if it is a functional door. If your door is outdated it may be time to replace it with a newer model. If your garage door doesn’t need to be replaced, there are several other options to make it look more contemporary. One simple idea would be to paint the door. You can use colors that complement your house. You can also transform any garage door into a custom carriage door. To do this, you could purchase black magnetic hinges and handle accents on Amazon.


Disguising utility boxes seem minor when it comes to landscaping. Using landscaping to hide a utility box, can improve your curb appeal. You want to have a beautiful exterior for your house or commercial property. Hiding utility boxes gives your landscape a more aesthetic look. You can use your own creativity or find many ideas online. Let’s take a look at a few ways to hide utility boxes.


A container garden is a great way to hide utility boxes. Potted plants do not require any digging which could potentially damage underground wires or cables which may need to be accessed by utility workers. Always keep in mind that the bigger the pot, the more difficult it will be to move. You could use larger pots to plant taller and more concealing plants. This could include bamboo, ornamental grasses, small shrubs, or hedge plants.


Adding a screen at a safe distance is another way to hide a utility box. Be sure that the screen is easy to remove so the box is easily accessible. You could purchase a moveable screen or create a DIY screen from wood. You can also grow a small garden of flowers in front of a trellis or use a small statue as a way to hide the utility box. Again, it’s all about creativity and functionality. 


Similar to using a screen, you can also use a trellis to hide a utility box. Adding a vine to your trellis will keep the box hidden. Keep in mind that you’ll want to hide the box year-round, so consider getting a decorative trellis. That way it still gets the job done even when the trellis isn’t covered in beautiful foliage.


If you can safely plant shrubs around the utility box, this may be the perfect option. You can add a row of shrubs or small trees to your landscaping to hide a utility box. When choosing what to plant, make sure the root system of the shrubs has shallow, unobtrusive systems if they are near cables. Also, avoid planting directly over the top of cables. You can choose to use a variety of heights, colors, and flowering varieties to conceal the utility box.

Finally, hiding utility boxes and other outdoor eyesores doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re redoing your landscaping or sprucing up your landscaping, it’s worth it to make your outdoor space a nice place to be. Before you know it, you’ll have the nicest landscaped house in your neighborhood.

Guest Contributor: Kimberly Macasevich


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