With the advent of technology, our water system has evolved to suffice the needs of people, bringing the water essentials in a much more convenient way than before. The civilizations’ water systems started from simple irrigation canals to massive dam reservoirs. All thanks to various innovations, we can expect more technological advancements in 2023.  

In this blog post, you can discover many handy changes in our water system brought about by impressive technology. Here are eight of them:   

1. Cleans automatically  

The innovative plumbing system nowadays has automatic cleaning powers, allowing the water system to maintain proper hygiene and regularly serve residents and businesses with clean water. Some of the automated cleaning tasks it can perform are flushing and backwashing, enhancing the tidiness of the system for a long time.  

With an automatic cleaning capacity, you can save yourself from hiring specialists to do the job. Moreover, it can reduce time spent doing the dreary drain cleaning task.  

2. Automated Demand-Responsive Systems  

Thanks to intelligent technology, an automatic demand-responsive system can continuously monitor and adjust pressure and flow within pipes depending on the community’s needs. What’s great about having an automated demand-responsive structure is that it boosts pressure and flow options even with only one pipe system. Furthermore, it also increases the community’s water system’s efficiency, ensuring every household gets the right amount of water needed.  

3. Smart Leak Detector  

With an intelligent leak detector, its specialized sensors can immediately alert residents of leaks in their pipes. Once its sensors detect a leak, it’ll send alerts, enabling homeowners and business owners to aptly check it and apply the required solution directly to prevent the leak from causing massive damage.  

4. Smart Water Meters  

Aside from intelligent leak detectors, water meters are another water system tool wherein innovative technology is now present. With smart water meters, you can constantly track various parameters, including temperature, flow rate, total volume, and pressure.   

This way, home dwellers and commercial enterprises can better manage their water usage and prevent practices that cause so much water wastage.  

5. Automated Valves  

Recently, intelligent valves have been in trend as they allow users to control their pipe system’s flow rates virtually, away from the comfort of their homes or commercial establishments. In addition, owners can program it to open and close automatically based on the parameters they’ll set, giving them more power to manage their water usage wisely. Safeguard the automated valves with a tile access door to secure lasting use and value.  

6. Concurrent Monitoring  

The real-time monitoring feature is an innovative and handy component, especially for engineers and technicians tasked to constantly monitor the fluctuations or any anomaly in the water pipe system. Instantaneous tracking empowers these professionals to act once bizarre movements occur in the system’s flow rate, temperature, total volume, and pressure level. 

7. Smart Water Recycling  

If owners aim to improve their way of conserving water resources, the intelligent water recycling utility will help them big time. With this ingenious system, the tool utilizes specialized pumps and filters to redirect the used water from sinks and showers into the storage tanks, which business owners and homeowners can later re-use for other water needs, like toilet flushing or irrigation.  

8. Intelligent Irrigation Systems 

Lastly, intelligent irrigation systems are helpful for farmers and other farm-related businesses. It provides the power to automatically control the amount of water supplied to plants, depending on substantial planting factors, like weather and soil moisture levels. It contains excellent sensor components that enable real-time data tracking, guaranteeing owners that their field receives sufficient hydration effortlessly.  

Entering the intelligent plumbing era 

From automatic cleaning to intelligent irrigation systems, one can’t deny that technology is revolutionizing the plumbing system and making it a more accessible essential that owners can easily control and manage even away from home or commercial buildings. With increased efficiency, accessibility, and convenience, it allows homeowners and commercial businesses to have a much more sustainable water structure that they can rely on for a long time.  

Guest Contributor: Chris Jackson


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