Spring is finally here! We are so glad to be over the cold, snowy weather and moving into the warmer spring days. With Spring comes more people outdoors, and there’s nothing better than making your home the oasis of your get togethers. Setting up your yard can take a lot of time, especially when time is out of your hands when it comes to gardening, but Spring is the best time to get started.


There are so many different ways to incorporate flowers into your backyard. Whether they’re store bought already bloomed, or you have the green thumb to plant them yourself, there are endless ways to incorporate them into your backyard. There are many different stands to scatter around the yard, or put on the porch where you’ll be relaxing. There are hanging stands, ones that mount to the wall, as well as one’s you just stand up and put your plant directly in it.

Another favorite are flower baskets. There are so many varieties of baskets that can be purchased, you can add variety into your yard by finding a couple of different designs and scattering them all around your yard.

Lastly, one flower assortment that is becoming more and more popular is a flower tower. There are pots that are built in order to make it look like a tower, or you can build one yourself. Home Depot has a guide on “How to Build a Flower Tower” that we really like and recommend anyone to try if you’d like to go the DIY route to possibly save some money.


Adding mulch to your backyard brings in different textures and scenery. You can make a designated spot for the mulch, such as a playground, walking path or where your flowers are planted, but either way it is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Mulch is very beneficial for plants to stop the plants from drying out too quickly, as well as surpasses weeds to make your plants look better for longer without having to pick weeds constantly.

The best thing about mulch is that there is a huge variety of options to choose from. There are multiple different textures, colors, and materials that you can pick one that would best suite your wants and needs. By buying a colorful texture and material could really spruce up your backyard and give it the pop of color to stand out.


It is always a great idea to have a designated fireplace area for social occasions when it gets dark out. Instead of taking the party inside, you can stay out in the beautiful weather and gather around a fire and socialize.

The best part is there are so many different fireplace options to choose from, you can choose one that best suites your needs and style. Another great part is the seating surrounding the fire is entirely customizable as well. You should definitely look into getting a set that is weather resistant and can withhold different weather, but there are tons of options to choose from that shopping for outdoor furniture can be fun!


Adding a walking path to your backyard towards the fireplace or the plants you have definitely adds dimension and makes your backyard pop with variety. The best part is, there are so many different materials you could use for the stone part. Rocks, gravel, mulch, granite, bricks, etc. the options are endless! One positive aspect of this is there is no wrong way to do it. You want to make sure the space in-between the steps aren’t too big for you to fluently walk on them, but other than that there’s not much to worry about. Check out Home Depot’s webpage dedicated to showing you all the material they offer as well as how it would look in a backyard. You can also directly purchase the pavers from their website to make it even easier!


Looking to add some shade back into your backyard? A pergola is the perfect balance between light and shade, and really spruces up a backyard. This is a great idea to place in your backyard, and you can have a multi use for it, such as putting flowers or plants up the side or hanging from the top of it. Pergolas are pretty expensive, but the good thing is that they’re built to last. They are made with weather treated and resistant material to withhold the weather.


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