Love sports? There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with something you’re passionate about, and no better place to do that than your home. The good news is that there are many ways to innovate your home to make it sports-friendly, both inside and out! 

Here’s our advice for bringing more of your sporting passion to your home. When you’re surrounded by it every day, it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like or how traffic is on the way to the gym—you’ve got everything you need right there. 

Follow these tips to design your ideal sports-friendly home! 


We all have preferences in terms of our favorite sports. But consider the size and layout of your space as well when thinking about which sports you’d like to bring into your home. It’s one thing if ice hockey is your favorite sport… But quite another thing to try and bring it into your home! 

Think about how big your space is, if you’d be using indoor or outdoor space, and what kind of equipment you might need for your chosen sports. Also, is it a team sport or is it something you can do alone? This makes a difference in how much space and equipment you might need. 

Once you have an idea of what sport you’d like to incorporate, you can then figure out exactly what you need to create that kind of space. 


Decide which space is going to be your sporting area. It should be spacious enough and well-lit. You should also make sure the surface is right for whatever you’ll be playing. 

You may need to lay a different surface or kit the space out with lighting. Of course, it should also be a safe space for the particular sport you’re going to be playing—there should be no sharp objects, slippery areas, or items that could be dangerous.  

You may need to do things like padding the walls or corners to protect players from running into them, mats to protect the feet and joints, and removing any items that could be a hazard. 


It’s a good idea to buy the necessary equipment upfront so you know how much space you need to store it and use it. Remember you might need to buy a few sets if you plan to play sports with others. 

You may need to think out of the box here. For example, if you’re creating an outdoor soccer field, do you need special shoes as well as goalposts? Or if you’re putting together a small golf putting area, do you need golf gloves as well as a golf mat? Try to cover all bases, so you don’t find yourself missing equipment. 


At this point, you can decide where exactly you’re going to keep your equipment. Does it fit in the space but out of the way? Or do you possibly need to keep the equipment somewhere else and bring it into the space when you’re going to use it? 

Wherever you choose to keep it, figure out a way to store it that’s neat and easy to manage. You don’t want sporting equipment lying around all over the place—it should be easy to unpack, use, and pack away again afterward. 


If you’ve got some space, make it comfortable! Set up some comfortable sofas or chairs so you and your guests can rest between games or so others can sit and watch you play. A bar fridge is a nice touch to any sporting space, but it depends on the amount of space you have and if the wiring allows for a fridge. 


You can decorate your sporting space as you wish, but adding sports-related art and decor shows off your passion for your chosen game. Hang some sports jerseys, kit the walls out with posters, or decorate it in your favorite team’s colors. 

If you want to and can afford to, you can even add a sports-viewing area. If you enjoy watching sports as much as playing them, this could be a great idea. You can do it in the same space as your sporting arena, but it could be tough in a small space. 

If you can, create a separate area for viewing. Place some plush seating, a big screen, and even surround sound speakers if you want as close to the real thing as possible! 


If you have some outdoor space, it could be a great spot for more sporting fun. Even if you have an indoor sporting area, sprucing up the yard could add something extra… And give you even more sporting fun. 

Keep the grass well-maintained. If you’re serious about outdoor sports and have a sandy backyard, you may want to consider installing an astroturf instead of using the natural surface. This is a much nicer playing surface for most sports. 

Also, make sure the yard is free from hazards. You might need to do some grooming of trees and bushes. If you are using the natural ground, make sure there are no holes or dangerous slopes that could be a problem. 


If you’ve created an outdoor sporting area, make sure you’re prepared for poor weather. Live in a place that gets a lot of rain? Install drain pipes that will funnel water away so it doesn’t pool in the yard. 

Also, take note of where you store your outdoor sporting equipment. You can create an outdoor storage space, but make sure it’s well protected from the weather. Both rain and sun can do damage to sporting equipment, so keep them well stored if you want your equipment to last. 


Ready to innovate your home to make it sports-friendly? Try some of these tips and you’ll soon have a sporting haven for all your sports needs! Whether you want an indoor or outdoor sporting space (or both), follow these tips to create the perfect home sporting arena! 

Remember, it’s all about you and what you like. This is your home, after all… You should feel comfortable and excited about it. Take your favorite sport and get creative! Just don’t forget about safety. 

About the Author 

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence.


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