Renting always represents a wise financial decision for operations and actions which rarely happen. In the same way, as you would not buy a house at your vacation spot where you spend only ten days a year, so too you wouldn’t buy construction equipment for your landscaping project. Or any other construction project, for that matter. What you should always do is rent, get the job done and be done with anything regarding it. There are also other benefits which we will cover below.


Let’s consider for a second that you need some construction equipment in the long run. Maybe this operation won’t be a one-time gig, or you want to get into the landscaping and construction business. As construction equipment is expensive, so are any mistakes associated with it. Because you can rent construction equipment, you can consider renting as a trial run. 

When you rent any piece of equipment, you get a period where you can get a general feel for the machine, and that feeling and impression can tip the scales towards buying it or not. Even if you rent anything and it does not live up to its name and hype, the expense is still less than when you would buy it.


Renting ensures that you are beating the curve when it comes to technological progress. Whenever you are buying any piece of equipment, it will get technologically suppressed due to sheer time progress. Improvements and innovations are constant in the construction industry, where each next version brings a whole new slew of improvements to the table. To get the best RoI, renting construction equipment is the way to go. Renting companies have to stay up to date with the latest trends because competition is stiff. And you are there to reap the rewards as you can enjoy the latest machines in the field.


So far, we’ve mentioned the topic of budget and price a couple of times, but the benefits of renting are so great that this topic deserves its place. For a fraction of the original price, you can get the entire construction machinery which can get the job done in no time. When you plan for any construction or landscaping work, should you choose to buy a piece of equipment, that decision can inflate your budget. Any type of machinery is expensive, but when you have the option to rent a quality and reliable forklift hire in Sydney, you will soon see how other options open up for you. Renting relieves your budget of stress and lets you do lusher projects.


Maintenance, storage, logistics and upkeep are the four horsemen of expenses that will creep up on you if you buy construction equipment. Any piece of machinery you own has to be maintained from time to time. Not doing so can cause its performance to degrade over time, and seeing as construction work is seldom done, maintenance is necessary. Construction machinery is also large and often requires proper and spacy storage facilities. 

Your garage or basement won’t do, and even if you could fit them in, they will clog up the space. Sometimes your construction operation or landscaping will be far away. The place where you store your piece of construction machinery, and the actual place of operation, may not be nearby. You can drive your heavy machinery on regular roads, and you need proper means of transportation. The bigger the machine, the more complex the entire logistic endeavourbecomes. All of them will drive up the total cost of your operation. All of these little nuances pile up and creep up on your plans. When you rent, they all go away, as it’s the renting company’s job to take care of them. The mentioned costs get delegated, and you never have to worry about them.

Construction and landscaping projects are exciting, and new chances to make something great! Ideas run wild, visions and inspirations are abundant, and you can’t wait to start! Having the right tool for the job applies to all aspects of any endeavour. From the smallest wrench to the largest machinery, they all have to be up to the task at hand! 

Wishing to buy your ideal piece of machinery can hinder your prospects of a perfect project. Renting opens up your options and lets you go wild on anything you set your sights on. Just as outsourcing departments work in any other part of the industry, so too does renting construction equipment do wonders in your case.

Guest Contributor: Mike Parsons


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