One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home is considering bathroom renovaion. Most buyers tend to give higher prices for homes with advanced and appealing bathroom facilities. Poor and unhygienic bathrooms can leave negative impressions on potential buyers and decrease the overall value of your homes.

On the other hand, if you are looking to add luxury value to your existing home, remodeling your bathrooms can be the ultimate game-changer. However, everything might go to waste if your plumbing is not done appropriately, keeping several technical factors in mind. Frequent leakage, moisture spots, foul odor, and more are some common plumbing problems that occur due to bad plumbing activities.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid and factors you should consider during the bathroom renovation process. Whether this is your first time hiring services from a plumber in Midlothian, VA, or not, considering the below-mentioned factors will help you make sound decisions throughout the renovation process.

So, without further ado, let us begin this article by first understanding some important plumbing Do’s


Plumbing Do’s

1. Do make a list of fixtures to add to your bathroom

It is always a good decision to plan out your bathroom fixtures and fittings before confirming your services. Based on your family’s needs, requirements, and renovation budget, make a list of things you would like to add to the bathroom. Consider the size and height of your bathroom before finalizing the fixture.


2. Do choose the correct flooring

The flooring of your bathroom is the most crucial element of the entire remodeling process. Choose dark flooring titles because white can easily get dirty and needs regular maintenance. Opt for dark or dull color flooring that blends well with the theme and aesthetics of your bathroom.


3. Do consider your aesthetics

Decorating your bathroom with the correct accessories and aesthetics will upgrade the overall appearance of your bathroom. Use glass walls to add a divider between your toilet and shower spaces. Opt for opaque or frosted glass doors to limit vision and maintain high privacy. You can also add wood frames to increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


4. Do create digital designs

One of the best ways to plan out everything before confirming your services is by creating digital designs or layouts of your bathroom. Through digital designs, you get a better vision for your bathroom designs and an opportunity to create endless design possibilities on your handsets. This way, you don’t have to worry about physically keeping a book or records of your design ideas.


5. Do hire services from professionals

Last but most importantly, hire services from a professional plumbing company to safely and securely upgrade the functionality levels of your bathroom. A professional plumbing contractor will help you avoid technical issues and find the right fittings for your bathroom.


Plumbing Don’ts

1. Don’t overcapitalize 

It is easy to get carried away and install unwanted accessories and equipment in your bathroom. Excessive accessories can make your bathroom look congested and clumsy, especially if you have small bathrooms. Add only necessary and limited fittings to your bathrooms, avoid getting carried away with internet trends, and never compromise your comforts.


2. Don’t forget about the ventilation

Many homeowners believe that big size of ventilation windows or fittings can affect their bathroom aesthetics, and they often tend to install small ventilation systems in their bathrooms. This practice can give rise to several unwanted and life-threatening situations at your home. Hence, always remember to install a suitable ventilation system as per the aesthetics of your home.


3. Don’t forget storage

Bathroom storage is another vital part of your renovation process. Without appropriate storage, there will be clutter everywhere in your bathroom. Untidy and stinging bathrooms can leave a negative impression on your guests or potential buyers. The appropriate storage system can help you create space for all your belongings without compromising the aesthetics of your bathroom.


4. Don’t overlook the toilet

If you plan to create or renovate a combined bathroom, don’t forget about your toilet areas. Design your bathroom with enough space or gap between the toilet and shower spaces. This will eliminate the changes in risky situations and improve the security standards of your bathroom.


5. Don’t use an outdated heater

Avoid using outdated heaters and other plumbing fixtures as they might not hold up for a very long time. Outdated heaters tend to lose their essence after a certain point of time and result in damaging other plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.

Install waterproof electrical outlets inside or outside of your bathroom to avoid unwanted electrical surges that can endanger the lives of your loved ones.


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