Modern living room with pool terrace background 3d render,The Rooms white floors ,decorated with brown furniture,There are large open sliding door Overlooking swimming pool and nature view.

It’s every homeowner’s dream to have a living room that feels comfortable, warm, and welcoming. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize this dream. If this has been your dream and you don’t know where to start, this article provides sure ways to add comfort and style to your living room.

1. Incorporate A Comfy Area Rug

Adding a high-quality area rug is one way to welcome comfort and style into your home. There are different area rugs on the market to suit different home themes. These rugs come in different textures, dimensions, and colours. They’re also easy to clean; hence they don’t require much maintenance. However, if it’s your first time investing in an area rug, consider reading this guide to learn how to take care of and maintain it for a more extended service period.

Consider your home’s colour theme when choosing an area rug to avoid colour conflict. It’d be best to consider the texture and material to select the most durable rug.

2. Embrace Two-Tone Walls

Do you know you can add style to your home by embracing two-tone walls? Typical homes use one colour theme on the walls. However, painting a set of walls with calm and warm colours can elevate your space’s style in a way you might have never thought of.

As for the other set, you can use a different complementary colour to have two different themes in a single room. Another way to take advantage of two colours in a room is to create an accent wall by painting one with darker paint. However, you should avoid painting the entire room dark to avoid making your space appear dull.

3. Incorporate Some Shine

Copper and brass work better with dark walls. When using these colours to add style to your space, consider adding a bit of sparkle on throw pillows and picture frames. If you’re more into adding shine to your home, settle for wallpaper or curtains with a metallic element.

4. Add Some Fragrance

Adding fragrance to your space can also make it feel comfortable. Fortunately, you can easily access the fragrance of your choice and make your home a small haven. Suppose you want your home to smell natural. In that case, you can create your ideal fragrance at home. How? You wonder. It’s simple. Herbs perform an excellent job of creating exceptional aromas. For example, you can mix traditional herbs, essential oils, and lemon peels to develop a unique fragrance.  

5. Introduce Smooth Shapes And Rounded Ends

Unlike sharp, straight edges, having smooth rounded shapes result in an inviting, comfy feel. As far as introducing rounded edges to your room is concerned, you can begin by investing in round coffee, dining, and side tables. Having such furniture can help make the space feel welcoming.

6. Invest In Comfortable Oversized Ottomans

Incorporating oversized ottomans into your living room welcomes comfort and style. These goodies are ideal for elevating your legs after a long working day. Some homeowners use ottomans as an alternative for coffee tables.

If you have room for an extra table, consider bringing in an ottoman. They’re ideal for placing TV remotes and magazines and are also excellent side tables.

7. Let There Be Light

Regardless of how far you go with your living room decoration, the space will remain dull without adequate lighting. Some living rooms look better with more lighting and less decoration. Suppose you have a large room. You can go a step further to add a new window or two to brighten your space as much as possible.

The first rule of introducing light into your space is ensuring the room receives as much natural light as possible. Next, incorporate artificial lighting. Currently, you can find all sorts of lighting fixtures to fit your space and elevate its style. Don’t allow your living room to appear dull when all you need is lighting up the space.

8. Don’t Ignore Throws

Throws are great for making a room feel comfy and warm. From throw pillows to blankets, elevate your living room style with colourful items. They create a welcoming feeling, and their presence reveals that anyone can lift their feet on the couch and relax.


There are many ways to make a living room comfortable and warm. The list is endless, from investing in high-quality area rugs and rounded-edged furniture to incorporating some shine. You just have to match your style or home’s theme to the comfort that you want to achieve. 

If you’re looking forward to elevating your home’s comfort and style, consider the above-discussed tips to help and guide you.


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