Nailing down a modern look for your condo unit’s living room is a challenging task. But it can be possible with the right approach — especially if you’re on the lookout for lofts for sale in Toronto, a playground for creatives and aesthetes.

Selecting the right color schemes, layouts, and patterns that reflect your personality is a daunting task especially when there are so many options to choose from. With expert help, we have created a guide that will assist you in transforming your living room into your favorite space.  Modernizing the living area should not be nerve-wracking. Follow our tips below and create the living room you deserve without breaking the bank.

1. Plan your layout

Planning your layout will depend on how you will utilize your living room. Is it meant to be an entertainment area for friends, or will it also function as your kid’s playroom or your work-from-home office?

The living room has many uses. Defining how you will use your living room will help determine its proper layout. This is imperative before deciding on details like color schemes and furniture.

2. Visualize your living room

What do you want your living area to look like? Visualize the look you want for your living room before hiring a decorator or purchasing random furniture. 

If you have a vision in mind, draw it on paper. If you don’t know how to sketch, you can browse through the net to see more home designs you like. Go on websites such as Pinterest and choose pictures of living rooms that you want to copy. You can create your pin board and save these pictures for future reference. You don’t have to stay with one design. You can go for an eclectic style and combine a variety of home designs to create a more unique look.  

3. Pick the right colors and accents

In choosing the right color for your interiors, you must consider the living room’s height, appearance, and size. You may have already set your mind on a color scheme but before you apply that paintbrush to your walls you must consider if the colors are a perfect fit for the room. 

For example, if your living room is small, you may want it to look larger and brighter. The better choice of color would be an all-white or neutral-colored scheme. All-white interiors are a lot easier to decorate with. It makes a room look fresh and organized. You can complement this color scheme with other neutral shades such as soft grey, cream, or off-white. Integrate antiques, various linen fabrics, and bamboo lighting fixtures to create a unique and interesting design for your room

4. Choose furniture that’s fashionable and functional

Condo units, whether they are big or small will always have limited space. It is not like a home where you can extend your lounge to a patio or garden when entertaining guests. When remodeling, you may want to consider investing in fashionable but functional furniture that is suitable for your lounge.

There is a lot of furniture in the market that serves a dual purpose aside from giving the living area a stylish appearance. For example, your bookshelf may be a handy place to hide your Murphy bed. In case you need to sleep in the lounge, you just need to pull down the shelves to reveal the extra bed. There are coffee tables and ottomans that provide extra storage space for your books and things. These pieces may also be handy when you need places to keep your stuff during remodeling. Use a combination of closed and open storage furniture so you can keep your clutter and still have areas where you can display your eye-catching home accents.

Go ahead and redecorate!

Now that you have looked through our list of practical ways of creating a modern look for your condominium’s living room, you can go ahead and redecorate! With proper planning and a clear perspective, you will easily achieve the living room interiors that you’ve been dreaming of. 


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