A functional hot water tank is essential for any home or business. From morning showers to doing the dishes and even washing our hands, hot water plays a critical role in the day-to-day routine. Until the hot water runs out, most of us tend to forget just how important these units can be.

Luckily, there are countless hot water service plumbers who specialize in this exact area. Even if your water tank is not currently displaying signs of wear and tear, organizing a professional inspection is always a good idea.

What Are The Warning Signs?

Regardless of the brand or model you own, there are several universal warning signs that range from minor to major concerns. Let’s delve into 5 of them right now 

1.    Low Water Pressure

This is a fairly common sign and indication that your hot water unit needs repair. Whether the water flow is lower than usual, or no water is flowing at all, both can be a signal of a further problem. Low water pressure is typically caused by faucet damage, clogged filters, or excess air bubbles brought into the system by a backflow preventer.
Whatever the underlying cause, the best course of action is to reach out to an experienced plumber as soon as possible. Acting quickly can save you from significant costs associated with system replacement.

2.    Leaks (Water or Gas)

It is completely normal for water to be released from the tank’s pressure valve. However, puddles or excess amounts are cause for concern. If you notice a water leak or at the site of the water tank, contact plumbers straight away. In a similar vein to low water pressure, a leak may be a sign of a much larger issue.

Another leak issue relates to gas-based systems. Gas leaks have the potential to be deadly and must be approached with caution. Of course, this will manifest itself through strange and off-putting odors. As soon as you notice these smells (particularly in the immediate vicinity of a gas-based appliance), contact emergency plumbers immediately.

3.    Visible Damage

Whether other warning signs appear or not, one effective way to gauge the state of your hot water tank is to look for visible damage. Key areas to assess include the appearance of cracks, scratches, rust, holes, or any unusual marks.
Overall, this is one of the easiest methods to determine whether the tank requires any maintenance or repairs. A professional will be able to assess the unit’s exterior, as well as complete any spot fixes, and make general recommendations.

4.    Rusty/Murky Water

Rusty, discolored, or murky water released from your tank doesn’t necessarily pose a major health concern. However, no one wants to take a shower or wash their hands with water of this kind. In addition, this will also be a sign that your water tank needs to be checked for further issues.
Hot water tanks are generally manufactured from metal. While this does make them robust and highly durable, it also leaves them vulnerable to rust from exposure to excess moisture. Rust also occurs when interior sacrificial anodes are worn out.
Through general repairs, your plumber should be able to resolve these issues or provide options for a suitable replacement.

5.    Faulty Pilot Light

For gas-based hot water tanks, the pilot light is a key indicator of general functionality. If you look at your tank and the pilot light is yellow, proceed with caution. A functional tank should display a bright blue pilot light. When yellow, this generally signifies that the tank is emitting dangerous carbon monoxide.

As you have heard regarding gas heaters, the spread of this substance can result in carbon monoxide poisoning – a medical condition with potentially deadly results. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact a professional as soon to assess any issues with your system’s pilot light.

In summary, make sure that you look out for these 5 signs or any other irregularities. This leads us to another key strategy – preventative maintenance.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important? 

As a home or business owner, it is easy to neglect hot water tanks until a problem bubbles to the surface. While hot water tank repairs are fairly easy to organize, there is another way to keep your tank performing at its optimum level.

Preventative maintenance is a common service offered by plumbers throughout Australia. Above all, this approach is an excellent way to save yourself from hefty repair and replacement costs. 

The Next Step – Finding Local Plumbers

Whether you are looking to set up maintenance or emergency repairs, the next step isfinding the perfect plumbers to get the job done. This is particularly important if you have just moved into a new area and don’t already have a working relationship.

So, what are the qualities to look for in a plumbing company?

1.    Licenses & Qualifications

This is a pre-requisite for any form of plumbing work. Normally, this information is listed on the company’s website, social media, or marketing material. Each jurisdiction will also have its own set of standards that plumbers meet to conduct gas fitting and repairs.
In Victoria, for example, these guidelines explicitly state that contractors are both registered and licensed before undertaking any gas-related work. 

2.    Proximity

Nobody wants to spend their entire day waiting on a plumber to arrive. This is why the proximity of the plumbers you hire is so important. Checking areas that the plumbers serve is a task that will ultimately save you time and money. These days, this information is widely available through a simple google search with hot water service plumbers and your suburb.

3.    Experience

While gas work is generally a staple for most plumbing companies, each business will have varying levels of experience. One other subset of experience is their particular expertise or track record with certain brands. For example, if you own a Reece hot water tank, it is generally a good idea to hire plumbers that are familiar with their models.

4.    Customer Feedback

Another excellent way to gauge a company’s track record is through reviews, ratings, and testimonials. This may even include concrete examples of the plumbers carrying out repairs for hot water tanks in the local area.

Author Bio:– I am Emma Smith, an experienced and professional blogger. Writing an article on different topics is my passion and hobby. Here you can see my skills which give you small ideas on understanding all the thoughts with different themes. I love to write a blog on various topics, like home improvement, business, automotive, Lifestyle, Events, Health, etc.


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