If you’re looking to update your kitchen you will have noticed there’s a definite trend for using dark colors right now.  You might be tempted, but we know it can be daunting to make a change when you’ve been used to light, bright and white colour schemes.  Some common worries are that using dark colours will make your kitchen gloomy or make the room look too small, but believe us,  that doesn’t have to be the case.

Whether you’re looking for ways to modernize an existing dark kitchen or want some inspiration for a new one with a modern look, we’ve compiled an eclectic selection of schemes and designs that we think will get your creative juices flowing.  


A dark kitchen scheme can potentially be overwhelming, but with a bit of style know-how you can create a stunning designer finish that outshines any standard,  modern kitchen.

By using different  materials  such as paint, wood and marble, the contrasting finishes create a moody and chic look. Consider adding some interest to your existing kitchen by introducing different textures.


This dark kitchen scheme is perfectly balanced using natural wood for the counter, shelves and furniture.  The light tiles and floor keep the overall look fresh and contemporary.  Having stainless steel utensils on display give the kitchen a utilitarian feel which is easy to recreate in your own home. 


Clever lighting is key when designing a modern, dark kitchen and is also one of the best ways to make an outdated kitchen look modern.  This kitchen features 4 different types of lighting – recessed spot lights, under cupboard strip lighting, mood tabletop lamps and an industrial style floor lamp – to create a dramatic yet warm ambience. 


So what is the best colour for a dark kitchen?  There is no one answer to that question as it will come down to your own personal taste, however,  there are a few style hacks that you can use which will ensure that whatever colour you go for will enhance your dark kitchen design.  

One way to really set off dark kitchen units is by pairing them with contrasting tiles, splashback or flooring.  This vibrant dark blue kitchen looks stunning against the metallic, gold tiling and contrasting stools. 


If you are looking to modernise a dark kitchen, then take inspiration from this sublime example from Denmark. Remove clutter and paint your walls an on-trend pink. Invest in a glossy new worksurface, floor covering, wooden dark cabinets and designer mixer tap for a sophisticated, contemporary look.


Dark doesn’t have to be drab.  This Zen like space illustrates that by balancing dark and light shades you can create the perfect dark, modern kitchen.  By keeping it simple and incorporating some natural wood and foliage, you too can get this dreamy look.


Grey has been on trend in home decor for some time now and there’s a good reason why.  It’s timeless,  restful qualities make it an ideal choice for your dark kitchen units.  This delightfully minimalist kitchen makes full use of the extensive natural light with white painted walls reflecting the daylight.  Neutral flooring and stylish, statement seating finish off this clean, modern, dark kitchen.


Using dark colours throughout your kitchen can make even the smallest space a talking point. Texture is created with high-gloss mosaic tiles, artisan rug and fresh greenery, all dramatically set off by bright, eyecatching light fittings..


If you like clean modern lines but don’t want the overall effect to be too clinical, consider a modern, dark grey kitchen like this one. Paired with white tiles and work surface,  it is softened by incorporating warm, yellow bar stools and houseplants that give it a welcoming, cosy vibe.


One of the simplist and most striking dark kitchen designs for a modern look is to go monochrome.  Sticking with just black and white creates a stunning impression and will also stand the test of time. Consider your space and go for more white to create an airy feel or go for broke on the black to create that moody look.


Most modern kitchen designs tend to feature sleek cabinet doors to create a seamless, sweeping effect.  In this beautiful dark kitchen, cut out handles in a contrasting colour keep the streamlined look, but create extra interest and depth to the scheme.  The colour is picked up in the chopping board on display.


Dreaming of a chic, loft space?  No need to head to the city,  simply think about mixing some industrial textures into your modern, dark kitchen design.  All matt, black kitchen cabinets and work surface contrast stylishly with the natural brick wall and brushed steel fittings. A slate floor and metal bar stool complete the look.


Hopefully this article has helped you to look at how dark kitchens can have a great modern look, whether that’s using dark cabinets with neutral or dark colour schemes.  Following some of the above tips, you can make any dark wood kitchen look modern and give it a new, contemporary lease of life. 


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