Whether you’re comfortable with your own skills or have decided to hire a contractor to remodel your home or other building space, preparing yourself and your belongings for the upcoming changes should be your main priority.

Remodeling your home is an exciting time for most homeowners, but it can become overwhelming once the chaos of disruption becomes evident. It isn’t the best idea to start your renovations without planning for dusty stairs, a busy hallway, or misplaced items. In addition to choosing the right contractor and knowing what you want, preparing for the remodel can make the process easier and more positive.

Some well-kept secrets to making your major remodeling entirely stress-free may not exist, but there are ways to ease the process, making your new space ready for instant use. 


There’s no denying that remodeling is expensive and time-consuming. What happens if your contractor discovers unforeseen complications that require extra work, or you re-define design plans halfway through construction resulting in additional costs? Unless you’re cautious, your renovations might leave you with an unexpected bill, rendering you unable to finish the process. 

Ensure the entire project scope and budget are discussed in advance – with a little wiggle room for additional expenses if needed. Keeping remodeling and construction costs in check involves limiting changes and, if possible, buying smaller materials yourself. 


Now that you have cleared out your house of items and furniture, you need to consider storage options. If you have a family member or friend willing to house your things until the remodeling is finished, that’s great. If you can store your stuff out of the way in your attic- even better. 

If you’re remodeling your entire house, or neither of the above options is viable, then finding a storage unit is your best bet. And usually, this is the safest and most practical option too. Almost all storage facilities offer a range of self-storage lockers and unit sizes to choose from. This means all your valuable assets and personal belongings are kept safe, secure, and, most importantly, clean.


Prepare for the renovations by clearing the area of as many things as possible. If you’re doing a new floor or bathroom, debris and dust will get pretty much everywhere, and you don’t want to deal with excessive cleaning after you are ready to settle back in. 

If a whole room is being remodeled, you’ll need to remove any of your belongings from the area. Not only does this make things easier for you in the long run, but this also shows courtesy to the builders, who will appreciate not having to maneuver around your crystal collection or silky ottoman. To ensure your things aren’t damaged, pack away food and china from cabinets, disconnect electrical items, and relocate items from the floor space. 


During the process, there will be a lot of dirt and dust. And it can get everywhere. If you’re having an upstairs bedroom remodeled, prepare to find dust gathered on the downstairs bookcase on the opposite side of the house. 

Regarding cleaning, some may decide to hold out against cleaning if work is to continue for the next few weeks. Dust will more than likely return the next day or gather again during the night, so you don’t want to waste your time recleaning. On the other hand, others may find it difficult to ignore the mess and get the hoover out as soon as possible. 

The good news is that you can minimize the mess with a few simple steps. Corner off the remodeling area by hanging plastic sheets from the ceiling to help protect the walls in the rest of your house from gathering dust. It’s a good idea to lay down drop sheets along your stairs or carpeted areas. Spilled wine or muddy footsteps are difficult enough to remove, let alone dirt and grime ingrained in the entirety of your plush carpets. 

Think of your remodeling preparation like this. Before painting your house, anyone will know the preparations are difficult and tedious. But, after you have peeled and stuck the masking tape along with the ceiling and skirting boards, you have perfectly straight paint lines meaning you’ve done the job right. 

Renovations should follow this method of forethought as well. So it’s crucial to make the proper preparations suitable for your needs. Taking time to prepare for the likely construction site-like environment that your home will become will save you time and stress in the long run so that you can fully enjoy your new and improved home when it’s all done.

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