In recent years, textile roofing has gone from being a stylish option only used on flagship projects to being an affordable and viable alternative for regular homeowners. Textile roofing is used extensively in commercial applications due to several benefits that it provides over regular roofing but it can also be a great fit for your home.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, a patio, or even a green space in the back that you would like some shade on, a textile roof can be the perfect solution. Here are some of the main reasons why textile roofing is worth your money.


There is only so much you can do to a steel roof or a cement roof to make it stylish. You can decorate it with all kinds of things but the structure itself is limited due to the material used. Both cement and steel can only be modified to a certain extent and they also limit how builders can use them.

Textile roofing comes in many different materials but they all share the same properties of being a fabric. This means you can shape them into virtually any shape that you can imagine. The only limiting factor is the building constraints around the shape you have in mind. As long as you can provide the supporting infrastructure, the textile roof can take any shape you want.


Gone are the days when textile roofs were expensive to buy and install. Today you can get a full textile roof installed for the price of the materials of a tiled roof. Moreover, if you are good with tools and enjoy a  DIY project, you could easily do this on your own over a weekend. The advantage to getting a professional roofing company is the fact that you get a warranty and don’t have to risk it yourself. Often, a roof has to be installed at an awkward angle, and it is risky getting up that high. A roofing company will have certified professionals who have all the tools and equipment to do this safely.


Traditional cement and steel roofs are great when they are new but with age and exposure to the natural elements, they start to weaken and deteriorate. Even if you get treated and coated metal sheets for your roofing, they will eventually develop rust and holes and start to leak. Cement roofs develop cracks, they chip and break, and can completely fall apart with excessive exposure to water.

Textile roofs, on the other hand, have none of these problems and high-strength membranes give even better protection. You can get waterproof textile sheets, porous textile sheets, and even ones that will let light through. There are plenty of options for materials in textile sheets and all of them are far more durable than metal or cement.

Roofing can be very expensive. When you want a small roof for a portion of the house or a cost-effective option for your warehouse, textile roofing can help you save a lot of money. Not in the cost of the material but the installation and the long-term maintenance are much cheaper when you have a textile roof. If later on, you want to change the style, it is easy to do and will only take a few hours rather than a few weeks for a steel or cement roof.

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