Whether putting concrete in a backyard patio, a garden path or a driveway for your car, choosing the right concrete pump is essential. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too complex. There are two main types of concrete pumps: boom pumps and line pumps (also called trailer-mounted). Once you know what you need, check out suppliers offering concrete equipment hire services. They should be able to provide a list of materials required for pumping and other material-related information to help complete your project. You can vouch for their experience and expertise to reduce your construction cost and save time. Anyway, let’s focus on line pumps first.

Exploring concrete line pumps

The concrete line pump is a great way of dispensing concrete. It’s simple to set up – all you need is a hose and a truck or trailer-mounted long pump. The long hose allows for great control when pouring the concrete, and its versatility means that it can extend indefinitely. So if you’re working in large areas, the line pump could be what you might need. You can look at line pumping fastconcretepumpingbrisbane.com to understand this option better.

Using line pumps

You probably knew that line pumps come in handy for resurfacing a driveway, building a swimming pool, or other smaller instalments. You may not have known that the boring equipment handles fewer materials than boom pumping and bucket trucks, which are sometimes typical for large-scale operations. In some cases, line pumping can even save clients money on construction because it doesn’t pour large volumes of concrete at a time. These are a reasonable investment as boom pumps or other types of machines. However, as you know, the selection of the equipment has to be perfect. So, if you have small-scale building projects, you can rely on this method and expect to reap the following benefits:

·      Affordability

·      Smooth handling of tricky areas

·      Flexible hose length for different requirements

·      Completion of small residential projects hassle-free

·      Easy horizontal pumping

·      Small or no wastage of concrete

·      Quick installation

Factors to consider to determine the choice of line pumps

You need to know how much distance the truck or trailer needs to cover to deliver concrete onsite. Then, the aggregate size capacity of the machine is another angle. Line pumps can be the perfect option if it requires mixing low-volume concrete. As a builder, you also need to understand how much space you can allot to your equipment. If you construct something in a busy urban area, something with a smaller footprint can be handier. At the same time, you must be familiar with safety standards, emission levels, maintenance costs, and others.

In Brisbane, you get many rental service providers for construction equipment. Some offer staff support also for operating the machine. You can opt for them where you get the flexibility of choice and top-notch equipment. Don’t forget to examine their condition before hiring the service, though. Since line pumps are excellent for smaller projects and offer money-saving experiences, you may depend on them without worries.

Guest Contributor: Sujain Thomas

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