Wall clocks are a widely overlooked essential in any home that can be functional as well as decorative. They encourage you to stay organized and on schedule at all times, whether you work from home or want to be able to glance up to see the time in the evening. 

Whatever style of decoration you choose, there are many ways that you can incorporate a wall clock into your home. These are the top ten wall clock decoration ideas that can complement your home’s themes or feature walls. 


Firstly, for the more crafty people who want to add their own spin to their wall clock, it could be worth making your own using materials that are available to you. Some people use old bicycle wheels, but you can use anything that you like. 

It could be fun to decorate your own clock face with numbers in your own writing, too. Depending on how skilled you are at DIY and technical work, it could be worth taking the mechanism from an old wall clock and fitting it onto your desired clock face. 

Other options include creating your own mechanical clock, which is a little more challenging. 


Another option that is certain to make an impact is to scale up your wall clock. Think about finding one that has an excessively large face so that you do not have to decorate the rest of the wall. Not only is this fun and unique, but it is functional as you will be able to read the time from further away. 


Some people who have family, loved ones, or friends that live in other time zones feel more connected to them by displaying multiple clocks that have the same basic design in a line horizontally and changing them to show the time in different locations. You could also print or make your own tags to sit above each clock to say which country each clock is in time with.


Modern style usually features minimalism and stripping things back a little. If this is your style within the home, you could choose to add unadorned clock faces around the house which have simple backgrounds such as marbled surfaces or plain colors. 


Another functional and decorative idea that can give you more information than just the time is to find a clock which shows moon phases, expected weather patterns, and even estimated temperatures for the day. These can be seen with digital displays or following the format of traditional wall clocks. 


You can be bold with minimalism, and explore a huge selection of different shapes that simplistic clock faces demonstrate. You can find wall clocks that do not have a base per say, but that are fixed to the wall to create a minimalist finish to a room. 


For those who want to add a touch of luxury to their home while maintaining some level of functionality, you could find a wall clock that has been made by your favorite high-end brands. One of the most popular forms of this is a rolex wall clock, as it can be styled up or down depending on where it is hung in the home. 


Another option to make your wall clock blend in with your decoration could be to create a gallery wall. Some people space their favorite pictures, artwork, and portraits and fit a wall clock within this. You could even find a wall clock that matches the color of your gallery wall, or even the color of the picture frames. 


Cuckoo clocks are making a comeback, and they can be highly entertaining talking pieces in any home. If you want something that has a little more character and animation, you could search for a second hand cuckoo clock or even a grandfather clock to place against a wall in your home. 


Finally, you could decide that you want to collect different types of clocks and hang them in a pattern on the wall. Make a gallery wall entirely out of clocks for something a little different. The only downside to this is that you will have a lot of batteries to change if you install these clocks at the same time! 


Wall clocks are decorative as well as functional, which is why there are so many different ways that people have added their own style to them. Think about how you want to add a touch of your own character to your decor, and what a wall clock can add to your home. 

Guest Contributor: Violette Butterworth

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