We all want tons of storage space in our kitchen, and for everything to look nice and neatly organized. It’s not that hard to do with the right materials. You don’t need a huge kitchen, and you don’t need a bunch of fancy tools to achieve this goal. With the right vision, you can easily increase your storage space and make use out of those drawers and cabinets in ways you’ve never imagined.

Most people usually just stack their pots and pans in a cabinet and put one inside of another, which is a great way to save space. When people do this though, it is hard to have the pots easily accessible when they’re all stacked in between each other. This is a great alternative to make the pots more easily accessible and can free up the space underneath for more potential storage space.

This criss-cross shelf is perfect for organization because you can easily see everything in there and don’t have to search around for what you’re looking for. It also is great for all different sized appliances because each shelf is a different size. Perfect for almost anything!

This is a great way to organize under your kitchen sink. We all known under the sink is always crazy and this is a perfect way to keep it nice and neatly organized.

This is one of my favorites, it makes great use of what would’ve been wasted space. The area between the wall and your fridge is a great spot to put extra storage because it’s the perfect size! This is really making the most out of the space in your kitchen.

This is perfect for those people who like to organized based on utensils. It is also a great idea for those who want to keep utensils like this off of the counter and hidden away, but easily accessible. This is also an easy DIY if you have extra space after putting away your kitchen.

These wall bins are perfect for those little small packets that can easily get lost around the kitchen. Fits perfectly in the pantry and can be easily found.

Measuring cups are the worst thing to have to organize, they’re so tiny and can easily be lost. This is one of those items you don’t wanna lose because you’ll probably use them frequently. This is a great idea on how to organize them and put the measurements for even more organization and easy access.

This is a great idea that might take a little bit of time to organize, but you’ll appreciate when you need a quick Tupperware to put food away. By putting the same lids that correspond to the container eliminates the need to continually search for the perfect match and will make things easier to put away when you need to.

Guest Contributor: Tiffany Powell

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