An oil trap is a plumbing gadget intended to capture the greater part of lubes and food solids coming from the business kitchen. Its motivation is to gravity settle FOGS utilizing water to decrease waste from entering the public sewer sterile lines. Oil traps are viewed as the core of the kitchen and, without appropriate support, can prompt significant pipes issues. Any business store or eatery that gets ready food needs an oil trap to isolate FOG from water that is returned to city wastewater and sewer lines. 


Powerlessness to keep these plugging materials out of the city sewer lines can have unfortunate results like unpalatable fragrances, trap blockages or floods. Our oil trap cleaning administrations, fundamentally oil trap cleaning and siphoning, will assist with guaranteeing you stay away from those outcomes, and your workspace chugs along as expected while keeping up with neatness. Customary oil trap administration with an authorized and proficient supplier like DAR PRO Solutions will assist you with avoiding any issues or potential conclusions beginning from floods or references. 

The wellspring of oil trap squander begins from plumbing seepage associated with the oil trap. The overwhelming majority of business kitchen floor channels, sinks or dishwashers connect to the oil trap. From FOGS contaminated waste fluids originating from washing pots, containers, utensils, level barbecues, etc., to unforgiving cleaning fluid items used to clean the floors or kitchen hardware, those squander goes into the oil trap in the long run.

Squander cooking oil beginning from fryers are disallowed from being disposed of down the channel or into the oil trap. Utilized cooking oil is put in a different repository and got by an authorized oil gatherer.


Kitchen sinks, dishwashers, removals or any floor channel that would pipe FOG into the wastewater stream need to channel through a Grease Trap. The oil and oils float to the surface while heavier particles sink to the base. The water streams through the power source pipe, keeping the oil and solids from entering the water stream. Over the long haul, the layers of oil and residue develop and, whenever left uncontrolled, can obstruct the water outlet or be constrained into the city sewer framework.


DAR PRO Technicians give full departure of your oil trap material. After it is first discharged, our professionals purify the oil trap with water to separate it. Yet again, any cemented oil advancement is stuck inside the catch. This interaction is managed with practically no synthetic substances and doesn’t stretch out to cleaning the lines, which a specialist pipes organization should do. 

Every individual who maintains a food administration business would witness how having the best oil trap cleaning in San Diego, CA, is fundamental for a smooth activity. Oil traps are an indispensable piece of each food administration activity. Oil traps are a spotless and dependable approach to forestalling sewer reinforcements, seepage issues, and dispensing foul scents.

When accurately introduced and as often as possible kept up with, the oil trap interceptor on oil traps is a strong countermeasure against oil development (otherwise called FOG, or “fats, oils, and oil”). Oil trap cleaning is unquestionably required when oil develops and obstructs the framework. Staying away from this cleaning could draw in fines for contrarily affecting the climate, prompting business interference and costly pipe fixes expenses.


Oil development in plumbing is an all-inclusive issue for business organizations that arrange with the readiness and handling of food. A gadget known as an oil trap is introduced to counterbalance the oil and fats discarded in channels. Oil traps are a fundamental line of protection in forestalling fats, oil, oil (FOG), different squander from the food creation process from entering the sewer line alongside the wastewater. 

When appropriately introduced and working at the full limit, oil traps assist with separating the wastewater that enters the sewer line. Through an extraordinary framework, the oil traps make fats, oils, and oil ascend from the water and get caught at the highest point of the repository to consider unhindered streams. The dishwater at the lower part of the oil trap will then, at that point, stream uninhibitedly into the sewer line.

When this stream and detachment framework is missing or not working successfully, the oil will aggregate quickly, making a wellbeing danger for your benefactors and representatives. While an oil trap alone plays out a critical obligation in keeping oil out of the sewer lines, they require customary oil trap siphoning in San Diego.


The reality regarding lube trap siphoning in San Diego is that estimating contrasts in light of your specific business and on the oil trap siphoning organization you recruit. Not all oil trap administration organizations in San Diego can offer solid and trustworthy assistance considering your requirements. San Diego Grease Trap Service has confidence in offering exact and point by point evaluations to avoid any value shocks or unexpected additional charges.

Call us and talk with one of our delegates to find exactly how reasonable oil trap cleaning in San Diego can be. We can, via telephone, give you a customized statement for oil trap cleaning administration one of a kind to your business needs and when you want it.


All eateries and businesses in the food administration industry in San Diego require an oil trap. An oil trap ensures that your business adequately isolates FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases), holding these side-effects back from streaming with the dishwater into pipes that lead into San Diego’s sewage lines. On the off chance that you have at any point looked for oil trap siphoning San Diego CA, San Diego Grease Trap pumping Services is the preeminent decision for all organizations.


Oil trap siphoning administrations in San Diego you can at long last depend on. San Diego Grease Trap Cleaning is everything we do. We have trucks committed for oil traps meaning we run our trucks 7-days out of every week, and we don’t blend our oil in with septic waste as different organizations do. With 9 oil trap siphon trucks, we can deal with oil interceptors that are 10,000 gallons and administer the more modest estimated oil traps. We give total oil trap administrations, including siphoning, cleaning, streaming, manifest documentation and following, and removal.

 Guest Contributor: Angela

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