Water heaters are an essential appliance especially in places like San Diego. They help in heating tons of water in a fraction of seconds. But they can be dangerous and fatal if not replaced in time. If you ask us how to know it’s time to replace a water heater here are five signs that are going to tell you that it’s time to replace the water heater.


When you notice you are not getting sufficient hot water

If you are looking for signs to tell you whether the water heater needs replacement or not you should see to it that you are getting sufficient hot water. The minute the quantity of hot water starts fluctuating you should know that the water heater needs to be serviced or replaced. It is apparently one of the first signs that indicate that there is a problem with the water heater. Whenever there is a problem with the water heater the standard quantity of hot water starts fluctuating. You can call for a water heater replacement San Diego if you find the heater is not heating the water like it used to.


Signs of corrosion in the tank

Corrosion is caused by heat, metal, and oxygen. Therefore it is obvious that the water heater will get signs of corrosion after a certain period of time. There are two ways you can find out if there are any signs of corrosion in the water heater.

Firstly, check the outer surface of the water heater. If you find marks of corrosion then it’s an alarm that the corrosion might cause the water tank to leak.

Secondly, carefully observe the water. If there are sediments of metal in the water then most likely the corrosion has already started affecting the inner surface of the tank. Both the signs are clear indicators that there is corrosion in the tank. Measures need to be taken before the problem gets out of hand. Technically there is no way you can stop your water heater from getting affected because of corrosion. Therefore it’s best to call for water heater replacement services in San Diego before it’s too late.


You hear banging and gurgling noises.

Banging and gurgling noises coming out of a water heater are sure signs that there is an issue with the water heater. If you constantly hear strange noises coming out of the water heater and the noises do not stop even after getting the water heater serviced then there is a chance that the water heater is asking for a replacement. These signs come out when there is a technical issue with the water heater. We suggest you should keep your ears open whenever you are dealing with the water heater. Neglecting such sounds can cause a disaster and be fatal for your health. Water heaters can burst if the sound persists for too long. Get in touch with water replacement services in San Diego as soon as you hear such indications.

Look for leaks in the water tank

There are a lot of instances when we see water dripping down from the water heater. If you notice that the water dripping down from the water heater is regular water and not water dew it’s a clear alarm that there is a leak in the water tank.

The water heater starts leaking because of two obvious reasons corrosion and water pressure. One thing is linked to the other. Water has oxygen and the tank is made of metal. Whenever the water is heated the oxygen, metal and heat together accumulate to cause corrosion. Because of the corrosion, the joints of the tank become weak. And when the water pressure increases in the water heater it tends to brittle the joints of the water heater because of which the water heater starts leaking. If these leaks are not repaired in time they can cause further damage to the water heater. Therefore it’s important to take immediate measures if you see such indications.

You can get the water tank checked by a professional before it’s too late. Call for water replacement services in San Diego and ask them to check the water heater carefully for such indications the moment you notice such signs.

See whether the water heater is bordering on its shelf life.

No matter how well you maintain your water heater and no matter how much you spend to buy a water heater every water heater has a shelf life. Sooner or later it will show signs of corrosion. Therefore, whenever you are buying a water heater gather knowledge on the shelf life of your water heater. Even if the water heater is not showing any signs of replacement but the water heater has crossed its shelf life it’s a wise decision to get the water heater replaced before the water heater breaks down completely. Not every water heater shows these signs. Some water heaters have a tendency to suddenly collapse without any indication anytime after their shelf life is over. Therefore, whenever you are buying a water heater ask the person concerned who is selling the water heater and get to know the average shelf life of a water heater. Get it replaced within the shelf life to avail returns from your water heater.


Conclusion :

Therefore we can say that whenever you are buying a water heater watch out for corrosion, sounds like banging and gurgling, water pressure, and water leaks. Most importantly get the water heater replaced as soon as the water heater is nearing its shelf life. We are sure if you keep these signs in mind you will be able to avoid mishaps like a sudden breakdown of the water heater or an accident caused by the water heater bursting.

It’s best if you keep the number of water heater replacement San Diego handy. It is going to surely save you from the hassles caused by a water heater breakdown.

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