Decorating our home is certainly a challenging task but also a fun one. Our house or flat should be our oasis and a place where we feel completely comfortable. While a piece of furniture that you bought a while ago can be returned if you feel like it doesn’t belong in your home anymore, the same doesn’t apply to wall colors. Everyone knows that it is a tedious task to move all the furniture and carpets in order to have the house painted, so you don’t want to do that quite often. As a consequence, you should pay extra attention when choosing the paint colors of your home. We bring you useful advice on how to find the best tones for any room in your house.


Although this is quite obvious, the amount of natural light a room gets can often be neglected when choosing the wall color. For instance, a living room in a lovely house in the south of Australia will be covered in sunlight for most of the day and year, as there is quite a lot of sunshine in this area. On the other hand, in Scandinavia, winters are longer and days are shorter, so naturally, there is less light. Thus, the conclusion would be to opt for cool colors in a room that is covered in sun (mint green or shades of white) and go for warm colors in a space that scarcely has sunlight (honey yellow or gold-orange). That way, you will make sure that your home feels cozy all year round.


Paint a few areas on a few different walls in sample colors and see how you like each of them. Take some time, at least 24 hours, to see how the paint looks in a certain space, during different parts of the day. In case you don’t want to spend time in the store and don’t want to get messy while painting, consult professionals. There are some great companies that offer these kinds of services in Australia, so you can easily find reliable house painters in Central Coast area. Skillful professionals will help you find the best quality paints and testers, and will also consult on color selection. Not to mention that the sole task of painting the house will be done way faster and be less messy than if you were to paint it yourself.  


Painting a small living room in a dark blue or green color may make the space seem tiny and even claustrophobic. Thus, a general tendency is to go for lighter colors in smaller rooms, in order to make them feel more spacious and open. So, various shades of grey, white, or even pink will make your living room a lovely and comfortable space for the whole family to enjoy. On the contrary, a very large living room may seem too cold and uninviting if painted in these colors. You would want warmer tones, such as yellow, peach, or rustic red and green ones. They will keep the openness of the room but will make it feel cozy and welcoming. Additionally, you can always contrast the colors of the walls and the furniture, to keep the space looking vibrant. Opt for dark brown or green sofa and armchairs in a living room with cool tones, and go for off-white sofas and coffee table in a room with warmer walls. The same applies to all other parts of the house, bedrooms, kitchen, and even bathroom.

To conclude, there are a few crucial factors when choosing the perfect paint colors for your home. Consider the abovementioned ones but also consult with professionals. You will certainly get a gorgeous space that you will enjoy spending time in.

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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