Maintaining your furnace’s cleanliness during the warmer months is essential for keeping your house warm and comfortable. All of the dust and dirt that gathers on the components within your blower compartment affects the whole system and may cause unsafe conditions.

Generally speaking, a furnace should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a year, depending on the model. Non-stop cleaning will not only keep your HVAC system running efficiently and for a more extended time, but it will also prevent your ducts from becoming clogged and dispersing dust and debris throughout your house.

Before we provide you with an answer to your inquiry, let’s take you closer to some of the benefits of cleaning your furnace. 

 The Benefits of Furnace Cleaning 

1. It will perform well.

Better furnace performance is one of the most significant advantages of yearly furnace cleaning. Due to a clogged filter, a lower volume of air flows across the heat exchanger, causing your furnace to operate in longer cycles and causing it to use more energy. 

Dirt coating the heat exchanger, an essential and costly part of furnaces, acts as an insulator, preventing the air flowing over from absorbing enough heat, increasing the time the furnace is required to function. 

It is possible that when the furnace boiler and ducts are cleaned, the furnace will operate at a faster pace and will not have to run as long to generate heat for your house. 

2. It will operate quietly. 

An unmaintained furnace may shake more and become more rackety than you expected if not serviced regularly. Your furnace is typically one of the noisiest types of equipment in your house. The rumbling and heavy noises of the furnace heating up will be heard regularly. 

During the operation of your furnace, screws come loose, panels break easily, and noises intensify. Not only will the lessening of disturbance be significant to your ears, but you will also benefit from preventing critical issues that may arise when a furnace vibrates or rattles excessively.

 3. Early detection of issues.

Prevention is essential, and with regular repair and maintenance, you can expect your furnace to survive for many years.

Imagine you have a defect in your heat exchanger. Not only may this cause difficulties with carbon monoxide, but it may also need to replace the whole machine. This and other issues may be detected early on with our professional specialist’s help of furnace cleaning near you.

Performing a visual and physical check of your furnace is one of the most important steps you can take to remove any indicators of minor issues that most people will overlook. 

During an HVAC inspection, a technician may find that a fan is stuck or a furnace component fails. It is possible to avoid worse difficulties in the future if you keep hold of these minor issues.

Why should you get it cleaned regularly?

A new furnace is more expensive than keeping it up to date. Based on the furnace type you choose, any necessary maintenance work, your geographic location, and the installation cost, the cost might be much higher. Due to the increasing price of conducting business and the knowledge required to install HVAC equipment, furnace installation fees may be much more than the expense of the furnace. So, you should get it cleaned since the cost of HVAC cleaning isn’t too heavy for your budget. 

So, what’s the verdict? Will getting furnace cleaning make it new again? 

The answer is a resounding ‘maybe.’ Furnace cleaning will definitely improve your system’s efficiency and eliminate any built-up dirt or grime. Still, it won’t necessarily restore your furnace to its former glory.  

But, the failure to clean your furnace regularly may result in various problems. These issues can sometimes negatively impact your indoor environmental quality, risk your family’s health, and even cause your unit to break down and look old if left unattended for an extended period. By regularly inspecting your furnace and air filters, you may catch most of these issues before they become severe.

Have your cleaning schedule with us! 

Contact Abbotsford Duct Cleaning today if you need furnace duct cleaning or just want to be preventative and maintain the air quality in your house as quickly as possible. 

The services we provide are meant to clean your furnace ducts and vents and enhance the overall air quality of your home as a part of the cleaning process. In addition, we are constantly striving to keep our pricing fair so that you may get the most for your money possible. 

To know more about what services we can offer for you, feel free to contact us today — we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Guest Contributor: Michael Mabansag

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