The gutter section of your house tends to get dirty, now and then. A dirty gutter can cause damage to your home. So keeping those dirty gutters clean is crucial. But sometimes reaching your home’s gutter can be a struggle. In such cases, a right-sized ladder can help you with that. 

You might want to know how exactly you find out what is the right sized ladder for your gutter?

Well, first you have to measure the height of your gutter, then decide the ladder size. Also, you should consider the type of ladder you are going to use for gutter cleaning.

However, here, we’ll discuss every aspect of gutter cleaning with a ladder in detail and show you exactly how you can do it.


Gutter Cleaning refers to the process of clearing out tree leaves, dirt, and other debris from your home’s gutter place. It helps to prevent any clog on the gutter. So that the rainwater can flow smoothly without getting stuck in the gutter and causing water damage to your home.

It’s pretty essential to keep your gutter clean and clean. As you know the gutter system is there to create a panel from your roof to the ground. A dirty gutter panel can disturb the water flow and prevent the gutter system from working efficiently.

Now let’s talk about a few benefits of gutter cleaning, this will help you to have a better understanding of its importance.

●     A clean gutter helps to redirect the rainwater away from your house.

●     Keep your windows and window sills dry by minimizing the moisture.

●     Protect your home’s interior and exterior ceilings from getting damaged.

●     Helps to keep your home’s roof construction intact for a long time.

●     It also prevents cracks, uneven flooring on your home’s foundation. 


You know it by now, a right-sized ladder plays a crucial role in cleaning your home’s gutter. Few things you need to consider while getting a ladder that suited perfectly to your needs. Such as what kind of building you’re staying in, the distance of the gutter from the ground, etc. 

For example, the step ladder is great if you’re working on a single-storied building. The good thing about a step ladder is you can add an extension as per your requirement to reach the gutter. 

Remember, you can’t just use any ladder, the ladder must help you reach the gutter. A ladder that’s too big or too small can’t help you do that. That’s why you have to choose a  ladder for gutter cleaning that will fulfill your needs.  

In the following segment, we’ll talk about what exactly you need to find a suitable ladder for your gutter cleaning work.


Before you can select a ladder for your gutter for cleaning work, first you need to measure the distance from the gutter to the ground. A general one-storied build’s gutter has a length of 10.8 feet long from the ground. And the two-storied building’s distance is about 18.7 feet long.

We recommend you should buy a ladder that has extension capability, like a double extended ladder. So that you can add extensions as per your needs. But for instance, a ladder that covers about 26.2 feet long should cover about two-storied buildings. 

Don’t worry if the ladder is too long; this extended ladder comes with folding capability. So that you can unfold as much as you require and keep it in a locked place, you can also take the proper measurement of your building to be sure of what length of ladder you require.


If your building’s gutter is too close to the roof, it may cause some trouble while cleaning with a regular ladder. Generally, the gutters are made out of plastic and can’t handle the full pressure of the ladder with you on it. So it’s a good idea to use a standoff with the ladder while cleaning up your gutter. 

A standoff is basically a horizontal stand that helps to clean the gutter without putting any pressure on your building gutter. It really comes in handy while cleaning the drain because you can’t always worry about breaking the gutter while cleaning it. 


A ladder stabilizer is a support system that keeps the ladder in one place. It also helps you become independent while cleaning the gutter. Because you can’t always find someone to hold the ladder steady while you’re cleaning the gutter. Sometimes the extension ladder doesn’t have the stabilizer on board.

For such cases, you can buy a combined ladder that comes with a stabilizing bar; you add a stabilizer to the extension ladder in the get-go. A ladder stabilizer helps you put your ladder on any surface, whether it’s stone, wood, or mud. This action makes the gutter cleaning process much more manageable.


You need to be careful while cleaning up your home’s gutter place. Keeping your safety in mind, we’d suggest you use a ladder to do the cleaning. A ladder helps you stay in a balanced state while cleaning the waste from the gutter.  

Now let’s talk about some safety measures that you can take before you start cleaning your home’s gutter.


A simple reminder before you start because you just can’t forget about your health. Who knows what kind of rubles are hidden in the gutter. So before you start the cleaning process, you can follow the following safety tips to avoid any harm to yourself.


First and foremost, you need to be aware of what surrounds the gutter place. For example, there could be power cables lying around the gutter, and the drain tends to get wet from time to time. So, it’s not a good idea to stick your hand on something without checking your surroundings. Check if there is an active power cable nearby, if so you need to shut down the power line and start your cleaning process.    


You can use a few protective gears to shield yourself from the harmful debris that lies in the gutter. Such as:

●     Hand Globes
You need a pair of good-quality hand globes. It will protect your hand from any kind of bacteria that lies in the gutter because of bugs, bird or animal litter, and stuff.

●      Eye Gear
While you’re cleaning out the rubles from your home’s gutter place, the debris tends to get into your eye. So, to protect your eyesight and avoid any damage, eye gear is really crucial.

●     Rubber Shoes

A pair of rubber shoes can help you keep a stable balance on it while climbing up the ladder to clean the gutter. It helps to improve your foot’s grip on the ladder, preventing any falling accident.

Keeping all that aside, let’s talk about how to choose the right sized ladder for cleaning up the litter from your home’s gutter.


Using a ladder to clean up the gutter from your home seems easy enough, right? We have gathered some tips and tricks that’ll make your cleaning process much more manageable. The tricks and tricks are as follows;

●     When you keep the ladder by the gutter, make sure you put it at the right angle. Otherwise, you might lose your balance and fall thus, causing severe injuries to yourself.

●     Before using the ladder, you should check the ladder’s condition first. Like every object, a ladder can develop problems over-times. 

●     While climbing up the ladder, be careful and don’t step further than one step. This action can cause you to slip and fall to your doom.


Your safety should be your main concern while cleaning your household gutter. Selecting a top-quality ladder can provide you with proper safety. If you consider the mentioned safety procedures while using the ladder for cleaning your gutter, there is less chance of endangering yourself while cleaning.

Lastly, you must always consider using a ladder that matches the length of your gutter. I meant using a ladder that helps you reach your home’s gutter with ease. Then again, don’t forget that you should add a standoff and stabilizing extension with your ladder to get the best result to get the best possible result. In doing so, you can ensure the maximum amount of safety for yourself.

Guest Contributor: Bernita Fregoso

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