Transforming old furniture as opposed to spending a hefty sum on brand new items comes with a great deal of perks. You may find that the pieces of furniture you purchased years ago are of extremely high quality and that the offers in stores that align with your budget aren’t on par. Thus, by refurbishing, you get to keep stuff of sentimental value while being able to unleash your creativity and produce unique pieces. In another scenario, you could set an eye on an affordable second-hand piece that could, after some refurbishing, easily compete with the fancy new offerings from furniture shops. Whatever the case may be, here are some practical solutions to help you successfully carry out your furniture transformation.


When embarking on your furniture transformation journey, there are some factors you need to take into account first. Namely, you should consider the material you’re working with before starting. This step is significant because this factor will determine your refurbishing methods and the necessary supplies. In other words, pieces of furniture will require different treatments, depending on whether they are made of particle boards or solid wood, for instance. While solid wood can sustain latex and other water-based primers and paint, using them on particle boards will cause this material to swell due to absorbed moisture. Particle boards require oil-based products. However, there is an exception. You can use water-based paint on particle boards if you apply an oil-based primer first.


Painting the surfaces and changing the upholstery is an easy, yet impactful way to give your furniture a complete makeover. Before beginning the process of embellishing the items by painting them, some prep needs to take place, to ensure a proper and durable finish. This pertains to stripping the paint, sanding, and cleaning the surfaces. On the other hand, furniture that has fabric, such as sofas, couches, and chairs, can achieve a brand new look with some simple reupholstering. There is a wide range of lovely upholstery fabrics you can choose from.They come in various colors, patterns, and materials, giving you the power to match any style you desire.


A key step to making your furniture pieces appear brand new is to fix all the broken parts and replace those that can’t be repaired. This involves things like adding missing legs to chairs or tables and attaching new handles to drawers. Sometimes, pieces of material, such as wood, may break off and form cracks or holes. While uneven surfaces can be polished by sanding, in this kind of situation, it’s necessary to fill in these spots first. A practical and easy way to patch up missing chunks of wood is by applying a wood putty


Spillages over furniture are extremely common and practically inevitable. While some pieces such as tables can be wiped clean effortlessly, the same is not true for the items made of fabric. For that reason, when buying upholstery, it’s wise to order extra fabric to be able to create covers for your couches and sofas. The advantage is that they are easily washable and replaceable. Not only will this ensure that your furniture pieces remain spotless but it also protects them from wearing out. On the other hand, you can protect wooden furniture by applying wood polish, as well as re-waxing and re-oiling from time to time.

Ultimately, renovating used furniture can be a delightfully creative process. Opportunities are endless, allowing you to create truly remarkable and stylish pieces. While there are no limitations as to how much you can rely on your artistic side, learning about different techniques of refurbishing is still essential. Only that way can you ensure durability in addition to an attractive design.

Guest Contributor: Diana Smith

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