Let a Professional Do the Job

When you are a home owner you gain more responsibilities than you were expecting. Some of us, are excited to take them on. Others, would rather have someone else do it. It is perfectly fine to leave certain home repairs to the professionals.

Don’t over stress yourself, or take on a job that you can’t do. It is better to leave it to a professional that knows what they are doing. Another plus, they have tools that you don’t have. It is fine, don’t spend money on costly tools that are just going to sit there. At the end, it might end up costing you more. Sit back and let someone else do it.

Things That You Could Do Your Self
Taking apart your shower head and cleaning it in vinegar, remember how to put it back together
Checking and fixing your toilet flapper and float
Checking that your water heater isn’t leaking
Inspecting your water heater burner, flame should always appear blue
Checking that your toilet is not running water continuously
Checking that your sinks and toilets are not leaking
Caulking your tub
When you need to repair or replace any drains
Fixing or Replacing pipes
Sewer work
Water Heaters
Gas Lines
Main Water Lines
Fixing or Replacing pumps
Fixing and installing faucets, toilets, and appliances
If you have any questions or need assistance trying to figure out your plumbing give me a call or email. 
Remember, I’m here to help. 


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