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Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

During the holidays plumbing emergencies still happen. More than you think. We tend to do more than usual during the holidays. I love having my family and friends over, having a wonderful time together. We just forget to be as cautious as we usually are when we are enjoying our selves.
We have to remember to let loose a little but continue being conscious over our home appliances, plumbing and electrical.

When we tend to forget to take care of our home, use up more electric than usual or just abuse our plumbing:

-Family and friends gather at your home.

-Guests spending nights

-More children than you are usually use to(and we all know kids love flushing things down the toilet)

-Dishwasher being used more often

-Water constantly running

-Garbage Disposal overexposed

-Too many lights on


-When having guests spend the night, let them know nicely that there should be at least a ten minute wait in between showers.

-Clean your dishes well before placing them in the dishwasher.

-Take turns doing the dishes, this way you wont always have to load the dishwasher.

-Run water while you are using your garbage disposal
    *You need to remember that garbage disposals aren’t meant to take everything. Stringy or fibrous    vegetables will clog the drain. Starchy foods will swell and also clog the drain. Never drain grease, oils, or fats(use an old coffee can to dispose).

-Put a little dish soap with cold water down the garbage disposal to keep it clean.

-If nobody is in the room, turn off all the lights.

-Put your Christmas lights on a timer, it will save you lots of money.

-Lock the bathroom doors, so small children don’t abuse the toilet.

 -If you are lucky enough to have a fire place, use it so you could turn down the heat.

Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Enjoy Your Holidays

Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing and Sewer

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