Getting Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving

Getting Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving






Be Ready For Thanksgiving


-Estimate how many guests are coming to
celebrate with you.


-How many guests are sleeping over? Make
sure you have covers, pillows, or sleeping bags.
(Not everyone has extra covers, so let your guest know that
you will arrange an area in your home but they should
bring covers, pillows, or a sleeping bag with them.)
It will be appreciated.
-We can always welcome more, open your doors to those
who don’t have a family for the holidays.
-Enough food for everyone


-That the furnace is working properly
-The water heater is functioning correctly
The plumbing is running smoothly
-Everything in the kitchen, you are going to be making a
feast. The oven, fridge, microwave, whatever else you
are planning on using on Thanksgiving check it.
Turn it on, make sure its running the way it should
without any weird smells or electrical shorts.


-Make a list of what you are planning on making
Watch the Food Network or Google new Thanksgiving cooking ideas.
-Bake goodies
-Included your friends and family in the cooking process

Don’t Forget
-To have enough towels in the bathroom closet
-Toilet paper under your bathroom sink
-Foil to wrap up left overs
-Take lots of pictures of the joyous event





 to be thankful for yourhealth, friends, family,
home, all the small and big things in your life.
Appreciate the people that are in your life.
Be thankful for all, and remember to give
to families in need.

If you have extra funds, buy a turkey or two and
donate it to your local church. They will find a
family in need.

If you have the extra room in your home, welcome a
family or members from your church for Thanksgiving






Happy Thanksgiving To All