How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency




Plumbing Emergency


Plumbing emergencies always happen when you least expect it. For some odd reason they happen at weird hours, when it’s usually harder to get a hold of someone to come save you.
You need to be prepared. Planning and knowing how to handle a plumbing emergency situation ahead of time will save you time and money. We all love to save time and money, so this includes everyone.

1. You need to know where the main water shut off is located
     -water meter is located in your basement or bottom floor of any building

2. A big water leak
     – turn off water at the shut off, which is located at the meter

3. Water heater is leaking
     – turn valve off on top of the heater
     – turn off gas valve, it should be located down by the control(usually red nob)

4. Sewage Problem
     – call the village, make sure that the city main is not backing up
     – make sure that it’s not the city’s sewage problem before you call a problem(you are a tax payer you have rights)
5. Sump Pump
    – if the sump pump goes out, it might be the switch, try to by pass the piggy back plug to turn motor on for temporary relief

6. Frozen Pipes
   – water expands when it freezes, to give it a relief let your faucet drip

If you have any plumbing emergency questions don’t hesitate to call or email. or (708)845-7922